Comprehensive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program for Attorneys

CLE credits. Ethics credits. They’re a lot for the busy attorneys in your office to keep up with, and you strive to keep your firm’s course offerings interesting and current.

Why partner with Thrivest Link Legal Funding for your Continuing Legal Education? We offer multiple course offerings covering legal funding, one of the most exciting developments in the law today. Our leadership team will keep everyone engaged, learning, and earning (credits).

And we’ll do it all in your office over lunch!

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What is the Thrivest Link Legal Funding CLE Program?

Gain an overview of developments in law with the Thrivest Link Legal Funding Continuing Legal Education Program and earn credit!

Our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs offer an invaluable opportunity for attorneys and law firms to deepen their understanding of legal funding, a crucial area that intersects various facets of law. These programs can shed light on:

Torts and Legislation: Research how legal funding influences tort law and legislation, offering essential insights for personal injury and civil litigation practices.

Litigation Finance: Comprehend the subtleties of financing litigation, focusing on managing expenses and improving case outcomes for clients.

Ethics and Liability: Examine the ethical considerations when advising clients on legal funding options, focusing on maintaining compliance and integrity.

Insurance and Medical Expenses: Learn how legal funding serves as a strategic resource in cases involving insurance disputes and personal injury claims.

For legal professionals, knowledge in these areas enhances client service and operational efficiency, establishing a well-rounded approach to legal practice and management. Continuing Legal Education on these topics assists attorneys in staying at the forefront of legal strategies.

Professional Education For Attorneys

Improve Legal Skills

Boost your legal expertise with focused CLE courses.

Earn Ethics Credits

Meet your ethics requirements easily with our courses.

Easy & Convenient

Our CLE programs are accessible anytime, anywhere.

CLE Program Brochure

For more information about our Thrivest Link Continuing Legal Education, download our CLE Program brochure.

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Continuing Legal Education Program

With Thrivest Link Legal Funding, technology is a big part of the picture, too. We are one of the most innovative funding companies in the industry, and we’ll talk a bit about how our approach makes legal funding simple.

The Advantages Of Our CLE Courses

Thrivest Link is certified by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board (PA CLE). We offer CLE Courses directly to you and your staff, at our expense, allowing you to earn both substantive and ethics credits.

Earn ethics credits and substantive credits: Enhance your legal practice by gaining insights into both the ethical and substantive dimensions of law, ensuring you’re well-rounded and knowledgeable.

Taught by members of our own executive team: Benefit from deep industry experience and insights from our executive team, bringing real-world perspectives directly to your learning.

Partner with the most innovative company in the industry: Align yourself with a leader in legal funding known for pioneering approaches in legal education, setting you apart in a competitive field.

Multiple course credit offerings: Enjoy the flexibility to select from a diverse range of CLE courses, allowing you to customize your learning experience to fit your professional growth.

Schedule Your Next CLE Course with Thrivest Link

If your attorneys litigate. If they represent torts plaintiffs across a range of case types. If their work helps anyone with a personal or work-related issues. For these firms, the Thrivest Link Legal Funding’s CLE Program offers a must-have, cutting-edge education.

FAQs About CLE Courses & Credits

A CLE course consists of professional education for attorneys and law firms taken after initial admission to the bar.

The main purpose of CLE courses is to stay up to date and educated on legal funding laws and trial principles.

Schedule your next CLE course with Thrivest Link by calling 888-697-7352 or contact us directly today!

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