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Cases We Fund


We provide settlement cash advances for personal injury lawsuits to litigation financing nationwide. The common types of lawsuits we fund include, but are not limited to:

Motor vehicle accident lawsuit funding
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Injured in a motor vehicle accident? We offer pre-settlement funding for motor vehicle lawsuits.
lawsuit funding for truck accident cases
Truck Accidents
Truck accident lawsuits can take time so we offer fast cash advances when you need it most.
Motorcycle Accident lawsuits
Motorcycle Accidents
We provide pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs injured in a motorcycle accident.
bicycle accidents lawsuit funding
Bicycle Accidents
It is traumatizing when you're a bike accident victim so we provide legal and surgery funding.
bus accident cases
Bus Accidents
Look into our lawyer financing options or legal funding for plaintiffs if you've been injured in a bus accident.
septa bus accident lawsuit funding
SEPTA Bus Accidents
We provide pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs injured in a Philadelphia SEPTA accident.
amtrak accident cases Thrivest Link funds
Almost every 2 hours a person is struck by a train and we offer legal funding for Amtrak accident lawsuits.
pedestrian accident lawsuits
Pedestrian Accidents
If you've suffered a personal injury related to a motor vehicle we provide pre-settlement funding.

Do you have a case not shown here? Do you need surgical funding? Talk to one of our Legal Funding Experts today!

premises liability cases
Premises Liability
Property owners are required to keep their premises safe. We offer lawsuit funding to help you!
slip and fall accidents
Slip and Fall
If you're waiting on a settlement from a slip, trip, and fall lawsuit, we offer a fast cash advance.
wrongful death lawsuits
Wrongful Death
Our legal funding services help with affording funeral costs, lost wages, and more while you focus on your lawsuit.
aviation accident lawsuit funding
Aviation Accidents
We offer pre-settlement lawsuit funding and attorney financing for Aviation accident and incident cases.
dog bite lawsuits
Dog Bites
Severe personal injury can occur after a dog bite and we offer lawsuit funding to ease your burdens.

Fast Funding

We know life can come at you fast, and that’s why we provide fast lawsuit cash advances once approved. What’s important to you is important ...

No-Risk Process

If you don’t win your case, you pay us nothing and owe nothing! Only pay if you win your settlement. It’s really that simple.

4 Easy Steps

With just 4 easy steps you can get the legal funding needed after the application approval process. Get started today!