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Surgical funding is the ideal financial relief when waiting on your pending settlement, but you need surgery and medical treatments now. For lawsuit plaintiffs, personal injury victims, and accident survivors, medical bills shouldn’t stand in the way of justice and recovery.

As a leader in surgical funding for plaintiffs, Thrivest Link stands ready to assist when urgent medical needs arise before settlements are reached. Our commitment extends beyond financial relief, aiming to ensure that legal processes don’t impede your access to essential healthcare.

surgery funding for lawsuit plaintiffs and victims

Understanding Medical & Surgical Funding

Medical and surgical funding provide financial support for individuals awaiting lawsuit settlements. With these options, there’s no need to delay vital medical procedures due to financial constraints.

What You Need To Know:

Medical Funding: An advance on your potential lawsuit settlement to help cover medical costs.

Surgical Funding: Specialized funding specifically for surgical procedures.

Medical Financing: A structured financial plan specific to your medical needs, typically with repayment contingent on your lawsuit outcome.

Secure Surgical Funding During Litigation

When medical urgency meets the slow pace of litigation, the weight can feel overwhelming. Juggling surgical needs while anticipating your pending settlement shouldn’t put your health on hold. Thrivest Link gets it! We’re here to help you get the surgeries and care you need during your ongoing lawsuit.

Thrivest Link stands at the forefront of lawsuit advances for surgery offering:

  1. Cash advances for surgeries, ensuring you don’t delay critical medical procedures.
  2. Personalized surgery funding for plaintiffs awaiting lawsuit settlements.
  3. Comprehensive financing for surgeries and related medical treatments under the purview of a personal injury lawsuit.

Get Surgery Funding When You Need It Most

When you’re dealing with the repercussions of a personal injury or accident, getting medical attention promptly is vital—not only for your physical health but also for your mental and financial well-being.

Thrivest Link’s medical and surgical funding options offer you a multitude of benefits:

  1. Speedy Recovery through Timely Treatments
    Delaying necessary medical procedures can have detrimental effects on one’s path to recovery. By accessing surgical funding, patients can undergo essential surgeries without delay, leading to better recovery outcomes.
  2. Reduced Financial and Mental Stress
    Waiting on pending lawsuit settlements can be an agonizing process, compounded by mounting medical bills. With medical funding, you can alleviate immediate financial burdens, leading to decreased stress and better mental health.
  3. Enhanced Negotiation Leverage
    By taking care of immediate medical expenses, you can often avoid accepting premature and potentially lower settlement offers from insurance companies. Being financially stable allows you and your attorney more time to negotiate a fair settlement.
  4. Comprehensive Care
    Beyond surgeries, medical funding can include treatments like physical therapy, medication, and post-operative care. This guarantees that you’ll receive the holistic care you deserve.
  5. No Out-of-Pocket Expenses
    Thrivest Link’s funding is tied to your lawsuit’s outcome. This means you can access necessary medical care without the immediate weight of out-of-pocket expenses.

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Urgent Surgical Funding for Medical Costs & Procedures

Our quick application process makes it easy and convenient to apply for medical & surgical funding so you can have peace of mind and financial security. Let’s Get Started!

Applying For Surgery Funding Is Fast & Easy

Applying for surgery funding shouldn’t be a hassle. After all, we understand the frustration of waiting for your lawsuit settlement, especially when surgeries or medical treatments are approaching. With Thrivest Link’s financial support, your path to recovery becomes more affordable as you await your rightful settlement.

Here’s what you need to do:

Fill Out the Online Application: Begin by completing our user-friendly online application, giving us a brief insight into your needs.

Provide Your Information: Let us know about any medical evaluations, details of your upcoming procedure, and information about your lawsuit. It’s the key info we need to understand your surgical funding needs better.

We Review Your Case: After looking over your documents, our dedicated team will assess your lawsuit’s strength and your funding needs.

Get Fast Approval: If you qualify, we’ll send over a clear funding agreement that spells out everything for you.

Receive Your Funds: Once you give us the green light, we make sure the funds reach you promptly so that there’s no delay in your medical needs.

Repay When Ready: When your lawsuit wraps up and you’ve secured your settlement, the agreed amount comes back to us. And remember, if things don’t go as planned with your case, you’re not on the hook. You owe us nothing!

Your Privacy Matters

We want to stress that respecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your information is paramount to us. Every piece of information you share remains confidential, safeguarded by top-notch security measures. With Thrivest Link, you’re in safe and caring hands.

A Trusted Medical Funding Provider Nationwide

Whether its a complicated orthopedic surgical procedure, imaging studies to diagnose the extent of injury, or pain management…Thrivest Link can help. Let us personalize an approach to working with your clients’ healthcare providers to get the best medical procedures.

Many plaintiffs who have suffered personal injuries may have physical hardships that cannot be fixed without surgery. However, surgery requires an extensive monetary commitment that can be difficult to meet without insurance or a lawsuit settlement.

With that in mind, Thrivest Link Legal Funding provides medical & surgical funding for personal injury plaintiffs nationwide.

Funding For Uninsured & Underinsured Plaintiffs

Even for those who do have medical or no-fault auto insurance, out-of-pocket hospital dues can add up quickly, especially when you factor in the high costs of daily living. If the plaintiff has no funds available, insurance is exhausted, and the medical practitioner is refusing to accept medicare or medicaid, Thrivest Link Legal Funding can help!

We provide surgery funding for the following range of medical care:

Hospital Services

Spine Surgery

Pain Management

Imaging and Diagnostic

Orthopedic and Specialty Surgery

Co pays


And more!

Medical Lien Financing for Medical Providers

If you are a medical provider you understand the difficulties in providing care to those involved with lawsuits. Insurance related claim disputes can set you back years waiting for litigation outcomes with no guarantee of payment.

If you have dealt with clients involved in cases including personal injuries, slip and falls, liens and exhausted medical benefits you know it can take months and sometimes years for you to receive payment after settlement.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding is able to help you monetize your receivables so you can receive payment immediately. 

Medical Providers that Qualify

Medical Centers



Imaging Centers



Home Health Care

Physician Practices

Long Term Care Facilities

Learn more about our medical financing and Pain Management Center partnerships.

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