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Subject to changes in laws and regulations, Thrivest Link does not provide funding for cases filed in or to plaintiff’s who live in the following states: Maryland, Colorado, Vermont, Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, South Dakota and Nevada.”

About Thrivest Link

Thrivest Link is a full-service litigation funding company that has successfully provided thousands of advances since its inception. Headquartered just outside of Philadelphia, Thrivest Link utilizes best-in-class technology and customer service to offer one of the fastest funding processes in the industry. Thrivest Link offers a wide array of innovative funding solutions including Plaintiff Funding, Medical & Surgical Funding, and Attorney Financing. Plaintiffs can receive the funds needed to manage their living expenses as they move through the litigation process allowing the attorney to focus on bringing the case to a successful conclusion.

Our Goal

Thrivest Link provides financial assistance through customized legal funding solutions to plaintiffs who can no longer afford to wait for their case to resolve. We focus on providing financial solutions to the legal industry. We provide a customized and thoughtful approach to injecting capital into the litigation life cycle wherever necessary.

Our Principles

Quality, Honesty, Peace of Mind
Advances made by Thrivest Link provide our clients with the ability to manage expenses and alleviate cash flow problems while waiting for their case to settle.

Thrivest Link acquires an ownership interest in your receivable making our funding non-recourse. So, if we provide you with an advance and you do not win your case, you owe us NOTHING. Again, if you lose, you owe nothing!

What We Do

Legal Funding Advances from Coast to Coast

The Widest Array of Legal Financing Products in the Industry
  • ♦   No Risk / No Obligation Application
  • ♦   No Credit Checks
  • ♦   No Up-front Fees
  • ♦   Fast & Easy Application Process
  • ♦   Highly Competitive Pricing
  • ♦   No Employment Requirement

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Thrivest Link wasn’t my first choice, but it was the best choice. I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with a young woman from their office who had by far, the best customer service I have ever seen. I was treated as person and with compassion and not just another file It is because of her I will ALWAYS go back to them for any future business and would HIGHLY recommend every I know or anyone who made need the services Thrivest Link provides.

5 stars times 2. Very professional

Chris W (Plaintiff)

Thrivest Link is among the most professional, expedient, thoughtful, and thorough lenders I have ever interacted with. The process of obtaining the loan was surprisingly simple, quick, and efficient. The Senior Operations Analyst I had the pleasure of working with, Arielle H. Walter, was a first class from start to finish, and politely and modestly turned down my offer to sing her praises to her superiors within Thrivest Link. So instead I am singing them here to the world. Thrivest Link comes with my high recommendation.

Joe S (Attorney)

While my case was still in information-gathering and pre-settlement status, I was injured, hospitalized and out of commission for 6 months, unable to work or provide for my wife. Both of us are seniors and we were anxious about meeting our monthly expenses. Thrivest Link was forthcoming and attentive to our situation; Carol and Ken quickly made it easy to communicate. They cleared the way for us to receive the funding we needed; with respect and care, they took excellent care of us. I recommend Thrivest Link wholeheartedly, and with no reservation!

Lloyd B (Plaintiff)

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