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Thrivest Link offers personalized pre-settlement funding and flexible lawsuit loans for plaintiffs nationwide. We understand the financial struggles associated with accident lawsuits, and that’s why we go the extra mile for personal injury plaintiffs like you.

No-Risk Cash Advances

If you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing.


There’s no credit checks or employment requirements.


Get cash as fast as 24 – 48 hours (once approved)


Access funds from your expected settlement easily.

Access The Money You Deserve With Lawsuit Funding

Our nationwide coverage guarantees that our lawsuit funding products are accessible to plaintiffs no matter where they live. Whether you’re in a bustling city, remote town, or rural area, we have the capability to provide you with the financial relief you need.

As a leading pre-settlement funding firm, Thrivest Link stays up-to-date with the legal landscape in various regions, including Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, California, and beyond. This allows us to provide lawsuit loans that adhere to the laws in your location.

Our Legal Funding Products for Plaintiffs & Attorneys

Thrivest Link has been recognized as one of the best legal funding companies in the United States. With our lawsuit funding products, thousands of plaintiffs have been able to supplement their personal income and ease financial hardships.

Fast Lawsuit Loans

Why wait on your pending settlement money when you can get our fast lawsuit loans that deliver the financial relief you need now.

Our Lawsuit Loan Details

Plaintiff Legal Funding

You deserve reputable experts in plaintiff legal funding and Thrivest Link has some of the top litigation financiers in the country.

Get Plaintiff Legal Funding

Pre-Settlement Funding

We offer industry leading pre settlement funding so you can receive a portion of your settlement risk-free and with no hidden fees!

Settlement Funding Details

Car Accident Loans

With fast approval and flexible repayment options, our car accident loans can give you the financial support you need now.

Get A Car Accident Loan

Surgical Funding

We offer seamless surgical funding to help you pay for surgeries, including medical lien financing for other medical expenses.

Access Surgery Funding

Medical Financing

Healthcare costs can add up, but medical financing from Thrivest Link can help pay for medical costs and pain management centers.

Secure Medical Financing

Do You Qualify For A Pre Settlement Loan?

If you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be eligible for a higher than average settlement loan or other legal funding services. Watch our lawsuit cash advance video below for more details.

Apply Online
It's fast and easy for plaintiffs to apply for legal funding with low rates.
Get Cash Now
Once your request is approved and contract signed, we send you a secure cash advance.
Expert Case Review
Our litigation financing experts will review your case details, along with your attorney.
Financial Security
Finally gain the financial security to pay bills, medical costs, and other living expenses.

Delivering Fast Settlement Funding Is What We Do

By offering funding options like fast lawsuit loans, surgical funding, and other settlement advances we’re able to deliverer money quickly. We partner with you and your attorney to provide the needed cash that covers living expenses, medical bills, or financial obligations.

photo showing time and money for personal injury cases we fund

Eligible Case Types We Fund

Our lawsuit loans extend to a wide range of personal injury cases and civil lawsuits. This helps you access immediate settlement cash advances while you wait on the outcome of your case. When you find your specific lawsuit, fill out our free application to see if you qualify.

Settlement Funding in Multiple States

We offer pre-settlement funding in various states nationwide. Our mission: to help provide equal justice and financing that levels the legal playing field through non-recourse settlement loans. Explore the list of states we fund to see if you’re eligible:

the fastest nationwide lawsuit loans are provided by Thrivest Link
Experience & Trust That Matters

Why Choose Thrivest Link Legal Funding?

Thrivest Link Legal Funding was established in 2009, and has been a trusted partner for lawsuit plaintiffs ever since. Primarily, we’re a reliable provider of pre-settlement funding and other lawsuit loan options, with a deep focus on the personal injury litigation landscape.

You can be confident that you’re working with a company that’s sensitive to your circumstances and dedicated to providing you with the fastest lawsuit funding available. Here’s why you should work with Thrivest Link:

Experience and Expertise: Thrivest Link has 14 years of experience in the legal funding industry, with expertise in providing personalized services for your financial circumstances.

Transparent and Fair: Transparency is at the core of our company. We believe in fair and ethical practices, with no hidden fees or surprises along the way.

Compassion and Empathy: We know that lawsuit proceedings can take an emotional toll on plaintiffs. That’s why we approach every case with compassion and empathy.

Quick and Easy Process: Time is of the essence, and that’s why our lawsuit loan application process is quick and easy so you can get cash in as little as 24 hours.

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What Our Lawsuit Loan Clients Say

When you partner with Thrivest Link, you’re in good company! Check out these client testimonials to see the type of experience you can expect from our dedicated team. Read more of our client testimonials here. Additionally, you can see our Google Reviews here.

Client Testimonial from Attorney: Thrivest has been on their “A” game in funding our requests. The entire Thrivest staff has gone above and beyond, it has been a pleasure doing business with them. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Andy!!!
Juan Abarca
Testimonial via Attorney
“ Russell Fitzpatrick helped me tremendously with finances, was on fumes trying to get funded and 1,2,3 check was in the mail like he said. Would recommend them to anyone whose going through a injury case and needs funding appreciate it guys!!!! ”
Jonathan Lewis
“ Would recommend Thrivest to anyone in need of funding. I have used them twice and both times I was in desperate need of financial deliverance. I spoke with Andy my loan specialist on a Thursday afternoon. My check was in my hand the next day before noon. ”
Brandi “Bee” Miley

Top Lawsuit Loans Provider Coast to Coast

Thrivest Link Legal Funding is a nationwide lawsuit loans provider offering a fast approval process and competitive rates. When you need money quickly while you’re waiting for a pending settlement, our risk-free lawsuit loans are the most convenient solution to getting a cash advance within hours— not days.

settlement cash advance
Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans
Our pre-settlement lawsuit loans give you a fast cash advance from your pending lawsuit, as we work with your attorney to get you the highest amount and to help with your everyday living expenses.
risk free legal funding
Cases We Fund
The civil lawsuits and personal injury cases we fund help plaintiffs continue the lengthy litigation process without having to worry about living expenses, medical bills, or lost income.
pre-settlement lawsuit loans
Litigation Financing
Thrivest Link offers comprehensive litigation financing for attorneys and their personal injury clients who need immediate cash advances for litigation costs and other personal expenses.
legal funding in 24 hours
Cash Advance in 24 Hours
Thrivest Link can provide you a lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours (or in two days depending on the complexity of our case). Make sure you and your family can have the financial freedom to keep your life on track.

We are NOT a “Payday Loan" provider. No background checks. No income requirements.

Our Legal Funding Memberships & Associations

We’re proud of our long standing legal funding industry memberships and associations, which highlights our unwavering commitment to plaintiffs, attorneys, and the community.

How Do I Apply For Lawsuit Loans?

As a national legal funding company, Thrivest Link offers fast lawsuit loans (also known as pre-settlement funding), litigation financing, and a suite of other funding services. Our quick application process makes it easy and convenient to apply so you can have peace of mind and financial security.

Our no-risk pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs helps with everyday living expenses. This includes medical costs and surgery financing. Get the cash you need in 24 hours!
Secure the strategic litigation financing all attorneys need now! With our exclusive non-recourse finance options for law firms you'll always have working capital at your fingertips.
Thrivest Link offers risk free legal funding for Veterans to benefit military personnel and their families. We are giving back to our armed forces and their families in need.

Affordable Access to Plaintiff Legal Funding

man and baby who may need an Injury lawsuit funding providerWe provide clients with quick, easy, and affordable access to legal funding for everyday living expenses. Thrivest Link funds all types of personal injury cases, large and small, within 24 to 48 hours if you qualify.

If you’re looking for a leading provider of non-recourse financing related to the litigation and settlement life cycle then let’s talk about your pending lawsuit to get you started.

Lawsuit Funding FAQs

How Does A Lawsuit Loan Work?

Thrivest Link Legal Funding purchases a portion of your award in order to provide you with money before settlement. There are no monthly payments. We only get paid if and when your award is distributed.

Do I Need Legal Funding?

Many lawsuits can take years to reach a conclusion. During that time, plaintiffs need access to money they can use to cover all of life’s expenses. Thrivest Link Legal Funding provides plaintiffs with a cash advance on their settlement money so they can thrive now.

What Happens If I Lose My Case?

If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. All of our settlement funding products are non-recourse, meaning that we do not collect any repayment on losses.

How Long Is The Legal Funding Process?

Typically, you should receive your lawsuit cash advance within 24 to 48 hours after your application has been approved.

Thrivest Link Legal Terms and Definitions

In an effort to educate you on Legal Funding and how it works, here are some legal terms and definitions to help you better understand our value. For additional information, call us at: (888) 697-7352

Pre-Settlement Funding

A cash advance given to plaintiffs by a third-party funding company on a potential lawsuit settlement. This type of legal funding is non-recourse, meaning an eligible plaintiff does not have to repay the funding if they lose their case.

Settlement Loans

A settlement loan is given to plaintiffs expecting monetary compensation from their lawsuit, but have not yet received settlement money. This loan is secured by the settlement won and is repaid with interest.

Litigation Financing

A legal funding term that refers to any type of financing provided to plaintiffs, attorneys, or law firms to cover the costs of litigation. There is a difference between litigation and lawsuits, as litigation includes a series of steps needed for taking legal action.

Medical Lien Financing

A specific type of financial assistance that plaintiffs can use for medical treatments and procedures. Medical lien financing companies, such as Thrivest Link, pay for a plaintiff’s medical costs upfront.

People Also Ask Thrivest Link:

What Types Of Legal Funding Do You Provide?

We have several types of legal funding products for plaintiffs and attorneys including:

Pre-Settlement Funding: As a top pre-settlement funding company, we fund plaintiffs in exchange for a portion of their potential settlement or award.

Post-Settlement Funding: Instead of waiting for their settlement to be paid out, plaintiffs contact Thrivest Link to receive a portion of the settlement upfront!

Medical Funding: Our medical funding helps injured plaintiffs cover the cost of medical treatments, medications, and other expenses to improve their health and well-being during the legal process.

Attorney Funding: We help personal injury plaintiff attorneys reduce contingency-fee risks, afford case costs and reach better litigation outcomes for their clients.

Law Firm Financing: We finance law firms by offering operating capital that can be used for cost center improvements, maximizing business growth, and expanding into new markets.

How Do I Qualify For A Pre Settlement Loan?

You can quickly qualify for a pre settlement loan if you have an active lawsuit and you’re represented by an attorney. We’ll evaluate the strength of your claim, the probability of winning your case, and the expected mount of your settlement.

How Are Settlement Loan Rates Calculated?

When determining the rate for a settlement loan, a legal funding company assesses the level of risk associated with lending the money. The higher the risk, the higher the rate will be.

Settlement loan rates may also be influenced by market conditions and various economic indicators. Other factors include the amount of the loan, the length of the loan term, and the lender’s policies.

How Do Pre Settlement Loans Help Plaintiffs?

Settlement loans give plaintiffs financial stability, empowering them to negotiate a more fair settlement. This is important because then they don’t have to settle for a lower amount just to receive their money faster.

What If I Have A Bad Credit Score?

Thrivest Link does not review your credit score or employment status. We base funding approval on the likelihood of you winning you lawsuit and the value of your pending settlement.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website ( is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as legal, financial, or professional advice. Please consult with your attorney first. The use of our legal funding services does not create an attorney-client relationship. For more information call: (888) 697-7352