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Fast Pre-Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Get fast lawsuit loans for pending settlements with nationwide legal funding from Thrivest Link.

No-Risk Cash Advances

If you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing.

No Background Checks

There’s no credit or employment checks.

Get Funded Fast

Get cash as fast as 24 – 48 hours (once approved)

Flexible Options

Receive your money via check, wire, or debit card.

Lawsuit Loans for Plaintiffs & Litigation

Why Choose Thrivest Link Legal Funding?

Get Fast Legal Funding

We know life can come at you quickly, and that’s why we provide fast lawsuit cash advances once approved. What’s important to you and your future is important to us.

No-Risk Lawsuit Loans

We offer non-recourse lawsuit loans to those who qualify. If you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing and can keep the cash advance! It’s really that simple.

4 Easy Steps

With just 4 easy steps you can get the legal funding needed after the application approval process. We’ll send you a lawsuit cash advance within 24 – 48 hours!

Top Lawsuit Loans Provider Coast to Coast

Thrivest Link Legal Funding provides the best cash advance for your pending lawsuit settlement so you don’t have to worry about your financial security.

settlement cash advance
Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans
Our pre-settlement lawsuit loans give you a fast cash advance from your pending lawsuit, as we work with your attorney to get you the highest amount and to help with your everyday living expenses.
risk free legal funding
No-Risk Legal Funding
If you're not successful in winning your case, rest assured that you do not need to repay legal funding from Thrivest Link. In other words, you get money no matter what the litigation outcome ends up being.
pre-settlement lawsuit loans
Litigation Funding Services
We offer comprehensive Litigation Funding services (also referred to as litigation financing) that helps attorneys and their clients receive fast cash advances or to go toward litigation costs.
legal funding in 24 hours
Cash Advance in 24 Hours
Thrivest Link can provide you a lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours (or in two days depending on the complexity of our case). Make sure you and your family can have the financial freedom to keep your life on track.

We are NOT a “Payday Loan" provider. No background checks. No income requirements.

Do You Qualify For A Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Advance

If you have a pending lawsuit, along with a litigation attorney for your personal injury case, you may be eligible for higher than average legal funding and other lawsuit financing services. Watch our Lawsuit Advance video below for more details.

Apply Online
It's fast and easy for plaintiffs to apply for legal funding at no cost and no risks!
Expert Case Review
Our litigation financing experts will review your case details, along with your attorney.
Get Cash Now
Once the funding contract is approved, we send you a fast and secure cash advance.
Financial Security
Finally gain the financial security to pay bills, medical costs, and other living expenses.

How Do I Apply For Legal Funding?

As a national Lawsuit Loans company, Thrivest Link offers fast pre-settlement funding, litigation financing, and other legal funding services. Our quick application process makes it easy and convenient to apply for legal funding so you can have peace of mind and financial security.

Our no-risk pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs helps with everyday living expenses. This includes medical costs and surgery financing. GET LEGAL FUNDING FAST!
Secure the strategic litigation financing all attorneys need now! With our exclusive non-recourse finance options for law firms you'll always have working capital at your fingertips.
Thrivest Link offers risk free legal funding for Veterans to benefit military personnel and their families. We are giving back to our armed forces and their families in need.

what we do

Thrivest Link Legal Funding is a national settlement funding company that has successfully provided thousands of lawsuit cash advances. We offer one of the fastest settlement funding processes in the industry!

National Lawsuit Funding

National Lawsuit Funding

We remove the hassle of applying for pre-settlement funding and post settlement funding—with simplicity and transparency.

Medical Lien Financing

Medical Lien Financing

Are you struggling to pay medical expenses for a personal injury case or surgery? We can help!

Expert CLE Courses

Expert CLE Courses

We offer continuing legal education (CLE) courses that also help you earn credits.

How It Works

Apply For Funding

Fill out our hassle-free application form.

Application Approval

We review your application and lawsuit details.

Get Fast Funding

Get cash quickly within days!

Affordable Access to Plaintiff Legal Funding

Injury lawsuit funding providerWe provide clients with quick, easy, and affordable access to legal funding for everyday living expenses. Thrivest Link funds all types of personal injury cases, large and small, within 24 to 48 hours if you qualify.

If you’re looking for a leading provider of non-recourse financing related to the litigation and settlement life cycle then let’s talk about your pending lawsuit to get you started.

Lawsuit Funding FAQs

How Does A Lawsuit Loan Work?

Thrivest Link Legal Funding purchases a portion of your award in order to provide you with money before settlement. There are no monthly payments. We only get paid if and when your award is distributed.

Do I Need Legal Funding?

Many lawsuits can take years to reach a conclusion. During that time, plaintiffs need access to money they can use to cover all of life’s expenses. Thrivest Link Legal Funding provides plaintiffs with a cash advance on their settlement money so they can thrive now.

What Happens If I Lose My Case?

If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. All of our settlement funding products are non-recourse, meaning that we do not collect any repayment on losses.

What Is The Legal Funding Application Process?

First, fill out our plaintiff application or attorney application form online or call our toll free number at 888-697-7352. We then request documentation pertaining to your case from your attorney and our underwriters evaluate your case for funding. If eligible, you will receive our agreement to sign and return.


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