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Thrivest Link Legal Funding has a strong reputation for delivering fast plaintiff litigation financing with low rates, as well as helping law firms grow exponentially. Yes, there are many legal funding companies across the nation, but are they the right fit for your needs?

As a plaintiff’s attorney, you know that lawsuits can be expensive and the legal process in lengthy. No one has time for that. More importantly you may recall that by law:

Attorneys can not advance money or loan cash to their clients.

We establish a partnership with our growing list of plaintiff attorneys and always follow through on our commitments. Even if we are unable to fund your lawsuit, we will refer you to someone who can.

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What Types of Legal Financing Do We Offer


Legal Funding provides qualified plaintiffs with a means of paying medical costs and personal expenses. In a financial pinch, plaintiffs can get funded in hours (in return for a portion of their expected lawsuit settlement).


Since personal injury cases can be time consuming and financially draining, attorney funding can make all the difference in the world. Having the money for court fees and other litigation expenses helps reduce any financial burdens.


Experiencing exceptional law firm growth can be achieved with ample operational capital through Thrivest Link. Feel confident that you'll have the funding needed to build your law firm and expand into new markets.

The Benefits of Client Legal Funding

Do you know the benefits of client legal funding? Aside from the obvious, it offers you peace of mind and early access to your expected settlement! This type of cash advance benefits both contingency-fee attorneys and lawsuit plaintiffs.

risk free financing


Our true non-recourse legal funding guarantees no repayment if you and your clients don't win the case.

affordable rates


You can rest assured that you won't incur additional costs at any step of our funding process.

no hidden fees with Thrivest Link


There are no hidden fees or additional costs when you partner with Thrivest Link Legal Funding.

law firm capital


We provide law firm capital for smart financial investments in the future of your firm and attorneys.

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Refer A Client To Our Legal Funding Company

When you need to refer a client to a legal funding company they can trust, have them contact Thrivest Link. Once they apply for a lawsuit loan with us, our expert underwriters will diligently evaluate their case and determine if they qualify for funding.

The faster we can legally fund your clients, the sooner you can focus on building a stronger case. When you can factor out your client’s financial burdens, you can make a greater impact on the outcome of their lawsuit.

That ‘s bad news for defendants or insurance companies, but we don’t work for them. We work for the benefit of plaintiff attorneys and their clients.

Why Would You Need Attorney Funding

Personal injury lawyers need attorney funding to level the playing field during the litigation process.

In layman’s terms: if you’re a contingency-fee attorney, money can dry up fairly quickly. You may get paid in 2 months, maybe 2 years, or possibly not at all if you lose your case. And you already know that commercial litigation can take over 5-10 years! That type of financial risk can be catastrophic to your bottom line.

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How Does Client Legal Funding Work

We’d be happy to explain the steps involved in the legal funding process with your client. Having a better understanding of the process and expectations empowers clients and builds trust.

Here is the Thrivest Link legal funding process from the initial application to the approval of funding:

What Are The Qualifications for Litigation Financing?

There are several funding approval factors related to qualifying for litigation financing to justify this financial investment. A plaintiff qualifies for legal funding only after a deep review of the evidence presented in their claim, along with the expected lawsuit settlement amount.

The most important requirement to qualify for legal financing is a plaintiff must already have hired an attorney. Once your client agrees and signs the legal financing agreement, they can receive money in as fast as 24 hours.

People Also Ask Thrivest Link:

Client legal funding, also known as lawsuit loans or lawsuit funding, is a financial service that provides a cash advance to personal injury plaintiffs or attorneys during litigation. Make sure to verify that any cash advance is only repaid from an agreed upon portion of a settlement or verdict award. No hidden fees or extra costs!

For contingency-fee attorneys, recommending legal funding to your clients helps them secure funding for personal expenses. Legal funding reduces financial risks for plaintiffs and helps them financially during the lawsuit process.

Plaintiff Attorneys can get funding so they can focus on building a stronger case and negotiate for a better settlement without the risk of losing a case due to lack of alternative financial resources.

As an attorney, you should strategically seek out a reputable legal funding company with due diligence. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. Visit the funding company’s website, ask about their terms and conditions, and read online reviews from current or previous clients. Never hesitate to contact the litigation financing company for the most thorough understanding of what to expect.

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