Illinois Lawsuit Loans Approved in 24 hrs.

Personal injury plaintiffs in Illinois can get reliable lawsuit loans, also called pre settlement funding, in as little as 24 hours once approved.

Get the financial assistance you need while you wait on your pending lawsuit settlement. With approved pre settlement funding from Thrivest Link, you’ll have money for everyday living expenses and more!

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We offer fast plaintiff legal funding, often referred to as “lawsuit loans" or "pre-settlement loans", to help pay for medical costs, past due bills, and everyday living expenses.
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Illinois Lawsuit Funding You Can Trust

Thrivest Link is a trusted lawsuit funding company for personal injury plaintiffs in the Prairie State. You’re entitled to compensation from an accident, and shouldn’t have to wait for your money.

We understand that waiting on your settlement can add to the financial burden you’re already experiencing. That’s why our expert underwriting team works hard to deliver the fastest lawsuit loans in Illinois to plaintiffs like you.

Contingency-fee attorneys in Illinois can also benefit from our litigation financing options to offset case cost or to negotiate a higher settlement for their clients.

A Leading Consumer Legal Funding Company

Thrivest Link Legal Funding is licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. We are fully transparent with our clients and their attorneys when partnering to give the fastest legal funding in Illinois.

Our Advice:

Always research and compare lawsuit loan companies to see which works best for you. Make sure they comply with all state laws and ask as many questions as you can.

We encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about lawsuit funding in Illinois. Thrivest Link is here to help!

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Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding in Illinois

With pre-settlement funding, you won’t have to worry about settling for less just because your money is tight. Additionally, you’ll be able to pay bills, home payments, and any medical costs associated with your accident. Apply now to see if you qualify.

Apply for risk-free lawsuit loans in Illinois to get the fastest cash advance in 24 to 48 hours!
We offer litigation financing for attorneys and law firms to maximize settlements and win cases!

Our Illinois Legal Funding Q&A

Do I Need An Attorney For Legal Funding?

Yes. We strongly recommend that you speak with your attorney before and after you consider legal funding for your lawsuit. They’ll also be needed for the case review process. Your attorney can give you the best legal advise, while Thrivest Link gives you the best legal funding.

It only take a couple of minutes to apply and you can receive a cash advance in 24 to 48 hours (after application approval).

Is Pre Settlement Funding A Personal Loan?

No, pre settlement funding is not a personal loan. It’s a non-recourse cash advance where the borrower is not obligated to repay any of the funding if they lose their legal claim.

This is why there is no risk to you when applying for and receiving settlement funding in Illinois. We only take an agreed upon percentage of your settlement if you win your case.

Thrivest Link offers simple, compound rates on lawsuit loans so you can retain a larger portion of your settlement.

Are Illinois Lawsuit Loans Legitimate?

Yes! Illinois lawsuit loans are a risk-free financial option for plaintiffs injured in an accident, have a pending legal claim, and have possibly even lost income. Being able to afford everyday living expenses is your right, and Thrivest Link helps financially fund your future today.

A lawsuit cash advance is basically you borrowing money from your pending settlement to pay bills or fund your lawsuit.

What's The Purpose of Lawsuit Loans?

Our non-recourse lawsuit loans make it easier for Illinois plaintiffs to pay rent, afford car repairs or cover other living expenses.

Common cases eligible for lawsuit funding include:

For more details, check out the list of cases we fund HERE.

Lawsuit Funding Can Be Used For:

Home repairs and payments

Unpaid or overdue utilities

Medical & Surgery costs

Food and Gas

Clothing and other necessities

Additional legal costs (check with your contingency-fee attorney first)

When your legal funding application is approved, you’ll receive an instant cash advance in 2 days or less!

Cases We Fund

Get Legal Funding Today

Please tell us more about your case or information request.

How Legal Funding Works

Get fast pre-settlement funding for your personal injury lawsuit or pending litigation in 4 easy steps!

step 1
Apply Online
Tell us more details about your case and submit our plaintiff application or attorney application form.
step 2
Review & Approve
Our underwriters will review the details of your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.
step 3
Sign Agreement
Return your signed contract to finalize your request to borrow money from your settlement.
step 4
We Send Cash!
Receive your lawsuit advance from one of the top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the nation!

Get Wired – Money can be sent directly to a plaintiff’s bank account with proper documentation.

Receive a Check – A check can be sent to a plaintiff or attorney’s office and can be cashed immediately.

Debit Card – A pre-loaded debit card can be sent directly to the plaintiff or attorney’s office for immediate use.