Leverage Settlement Funding in Michigan

Settlement funding in Michigan provides essential support for everyday expenses during a lawsuit. This includes living costs, potential medical bills, and even therapy sessions if needed.

Don’t let financial struggles add to your stress. Thrivest Link, a trusted legal funding provider, can help you get the financial support you need within 24-48 hours.

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Lawsuit Loans in Michigan Help To Balance Your Finances

Our lawsuit loans in Michigan are specifically developed to assist you in handling the pressures that accompany legal cases, focusing on your non-legal financial needs. As a matter of fact, Thrivest Link lawsuit loans help you keep a balanced financial life during litigation.

With much-needed lawsuit advances you can focus on your financial recovery and overall well-being. Another advantage is you’ll finally have the ability to manage your finances with ease and at no risk to you. Ultimately, we’ll be a reliable third party funding partner for the duration of your lawsuit.

How Do I Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding in Michigan?

Thrivest Link has extensive experience helping Michigan residents benefit from the pre-settlement funding process. Here are the requirements to see if you may qualify for settlement funding:

  1. You must have an active accident lawsuit in Michigan.
  2. An attorney must be representing your case.
  3. Wait for a case analysis (completed within hours) to evaluate the merits of your case, settlement amount, and your probability of winning.

That’s it! After you meet the above criteria, we work with you and your attorney to get you funding quickly. We’re dedicated to being your financial ally during your lawsuit, aiming to ensure your financial peace of mind.

How To Get Michigan Lawsuit Funding Quickly

Receiving Michigan lawsuit funding takes very little effort on your part. Our mission is to simplify the approval process in a manner that does not disrupt your life.

Our application process is simple:

  • Apply Online: Begin by filling out our plaintiff application form with details about your case.
  • Review & Approve: Our underwriters will assess your case and expected settlement to check your eligibility.
  • Sign Funding Agreement: If approved, you’ll sign an agreement to complete your request for settlement funding.
  • Get Legal Funded: Recognized as a prominent lawsuit funding provider, Thrivest Link will quickly send your settlement cash advance.

When you’re ready to get started, fill out our Legal Funding Application or call us at (888) 697-7352

Apply For Pre-Settlement Funding In Michigan Today

Quickly apply for pre-settlement funding during your accident lawsuit in Michigan with Thrivest Link! You can get approved in 24 hours and receive your guaranteed lawsuit funding with low rates.

Is Non-Recourse Legal Funding Safe in Michigan?

Thrivest Link acknowledges that you may have significant concerns about receiving settlement funding. Not to mention psychologically going through a mix of financial and emotional struggles. Addressing your concerns about legal funding:

  • Duration of Legal Proceedings: As a plaintiff in Michigan, you’ll gain financial support during your case, allowing you to manage living costs due to a prolonged lawsuit.
  • Risk of Debt Accumulation: Opting for settlement funding removes the risks to you and further debt, regardless of how long your case lasts.
  • Lawsuit Settlement Uncertainty: With the ability to access part of your settlement early, you’re better equipped to handle the demands of life more calmly.
  • Pre-Settlement Funding Repayment: For Michigan plaintiffs, non-recourse settlement funding means if the verdict isn’t in your favor, you’re not burdened with repayment, prioritizing your financial well-being.

Personalized Legal Funding for Personal & Medical Needs

In addition, did you know that our legal financing assists Michigan lawsuit plaintiffs with immediate needs beyond the courtroom? We personalize our legal funding services to meet your specific requirements for living, medical, and potential physical therapy.

This assistance is more than just monetary support; it’s a sign of our dedication to your unique circumstances. In short, Thrivest Link provides the resources you need for personal and medical needs. While your attorney manages your legal case, we help to take care of your finances.

Legal Funding Request Form

Do you have questions about legal funding or curious if you qualify? Let's connect!

Our Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Get fast pre-settlement funding during your personal injury lawsuit in 4 easy steps!

step 1


Tell us more details about your case and submit our plaintiff application or attorney application form.

step 2


Our underwriters will review the details of your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.

step 3


Return your signed contract to finalize your request to borrow money from your settlement.

step 4


Receive your lawsuit advance from one of the top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the nation!

Get Wired – Money can be sent directly to a plaintiff’s bank account with proper documentation.

Receive a Check – A check can be sent to a plaintiff or attorney’s office and can be cashed immediately.

Debit Card – A pre-loaded debit card can be sent directly to the plaintiff or attorney’s office for immediate use.

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