Flexible Car Accident Loans In 24hrs.

Car accident loans from Thrivest Link Legal Funding can bring you financial relief quickly and within hours.

We offer fast plaintiff legal funding, often referred to as “lawsuit loans" or "pre-settlement loans", to help pay for medical costs, past due bills, and everyday living expenses.

Car Accident Loans For When The Unexpected Happens

Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, you know how overwhelming it can be. Not to mention dealing with at-fault drivers, insurance companies, and finding a reliable mechanic who won’t rip you off! Let’s face it. That’s where Thrivest Link comes in. With our car accident loans, you can get the legal funding you need to cover unexpected costs that come with an accident.

One thing often overlooked in the chaos is the financial toll an accident can take. When you’re involved in a car accident, it can be easy to focus on the physical damage to your vehicle. But what about the financial damage to your wallet? Even minor car accidents can lead to costly repairs, rental car fees, and other expenses. Yes, we’re talking about gas prices too.

To be clear, car accidents don’t just cause physical damage – they can also dramatically affect your mental health. We understand the importance of taking care of your mental health and quality of life. That’s why a Thrivest Link car accident loan can cover inconvenient expenses, improve your well-being, and get you back on the road.

What Does A Car Accident Loan Cover?

Thrivest Link offers car accident loans to help you prepare for the unexpected. For example:

  • Covering Unexpected Expenses: to help keep your personal finances and health going strong.
  • Improving mental health: for healing and recovery, both physically and emotionally.
  • Getting back on the road: to resume a normal routine and reduce the stress of not having a vehicle.
  • Avoiding Financial Burdens: to alleviate stress and focus on getting your life back.

Don’t let an auto accident derail your life. Contact Thrivest Link today to learn more about our car accident loans!

Absolutely No-Risk Accident Loans

Getting into a car accident can be an incredibly stressful experience. You deserve to be compensated, but this can take months or even years while waiting on your pending lawsuit settlement.

Our no-risk car accident loans are not conventional loans that you’d secure from banks or credit unions.

Whether you need a car accident loan of $500 or $100,000, Thrivest Link is fully capable of getting you the fastest settlement cash advance so you can better balance your life and finances.

How To Apply For A Car Accident Loan

There’s more to applying for a car accident loan than just filling out a form. Not many other funding companies will be this direct with you! However, Thrivest Link has the easiest application process in the legal funding industry.

Follow our 4 step guide on how to apply for a car accident loan:

Step 1
There are several alternative lenders who specialize in car accident loans across the country. But it's important to research and compare car accident loan companies to make sure they're a reputable lender.
Step 2
Gather all relevant accident information
Before applying for a car accident loan, you'll need to gather information related to the accident, your active lawsuit, and the expected settlement amount.
Step 3
Fill out the legal funding application
Once you've selected a reliable lender, fill out the car accident loan application. Be honest and accurate with the details you provide so that your loan request does not get denied.
Step 4
Get approved for non-recourse funding
After the lawsuit funding provider reviews your information and verifies your eligibility, you'll be approved for non-recourse funding.

Don’t let an unexpected car accident leave you without the cash you need now. Get a fast car accident loan from Thrivest Link today!

The Thrivest Link Difference
What makes Thrivest Link one of the best legal funding companies around? We offer full transparency, no hidden costs, and a commitment to getting you the money you need.

No Risk Guarantee
Fast Legal Funding
Get Back To Living

We make your lawsuit funding needs a priority! Here’s how it works.

Reduce Expenses Related To Your Accident

If you’ve been injured or involved in a car accident, you’ll need help with everyday living expenses. Some common types of expenses a car accident lawsuit loan can help with include:

Car repairs or new purchase:
This is a common need and most likely why you're reading this now. Thrivest Link Legal Funding can help you cover the cost of car repairs or purchasing a new vehicle.
Medical expenses:
This is important because you may require ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, or surgery if injured.
Lost wages / income:
In the event that you're unable to get to and from work, you may need financial assistance to cover lost wages!
Living expenses:
Car accident settlement loans can help cover expenses such as rent, mortgage payments, utilities, and other costs.

Get Pre-Settlement Car Accident Loans

Car accident loans from Thrivest Link are a type of lawsuit settlement payout received as a cash advance to plaintiffs. If you have a strong case, you can get fast cash for everyday living expenses and peace of mind.

Get Legal Funding in 24 – 48 hours!

Get A Car Accident Loan
Our no-risk car accident lawsuit loans help you get the fastest cash advance you need now!
We offer litigation financing for attorneys and law firms to maximize settlements and win cases!

Auto Accident Settlement Loan Q&A

Let’s face it. You need financial freedom after an auto accident and the debt that may arise. This could include necessary medical costs and surgeries, home payments, groceries, and of course car repairs (especially if you have no insurance or are underinsured).

With unexpected expenses and emergencies, you’ll need that extra cash now. When it comes to the legal funding professionals at Thrivest Link, your financial well-being is our top priority.

What exactly is a car accident loan?

A car accident loan is a form of pre settlement funding for plaintiffs involved in a car accident lawsuit. It gives them a cash advance so they can financially make ends meet.

Can Car Accident Lawsuit Funding Really Help?

Yes, car accident lawsuit funding can help during the duration of the legal process! It provides you with a financial cushion when facing mounting medical bills and other expenses.

With this type of legal funding, there’s no more worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet. You’ll be able to focus on car repairs, compensating for lost wages, and recovering from any injuries.

Am I Borrowing Money From My Lawsuit Settlement?

Yes! You are borrowing money from your pending lawsuit settlement, with reasonable and fair rates. And the best part is that you don’t have to repay the money if you don’t win your case.

Car accident loans can best be described as getting a non-recourse cash advance against a pending settlement so you can have money now!

How Fast Can I Get A Car Accident Loan?

With Thrivest Link, you can get a car accident loan in less that 24 to 48 hours, once your application has been approved!

If you want to speed up the pre-settlement funding process, make sure that you have an active lawsuit and an attorney. Your personal injury attorney will be needed for when you sign the funding agreement. After that, you’re all set!

How much can I borrow for a car accident loan?

The amount of a car accident loan can vary depending on the specifics of your case. The non-recourse cash advance can range from a few thousand dollars and often times even more!

Who is eligible for an auto accident settlement loan?

Plaintiffs involved in a car accident and facing financial burdens are eligible for car accident settlement loans. They’ll also need to be represented by a personal injury attorney.

How do I apply for a car accident settlement loan?

Applying for a car accident loan is fast and secure. Simply fill out our legal funding application form, including the name and number of your attorney.

Fast Car Accident Loans for Plaintiffs

Are you dealing with the financial burden of a car accident? Do you need access to funds for medical expenses, damages and legal fees? Don't let the stress of the accident weigh you down! Get the help you need with Thrivest Link car accident loans!