Our California lawsuit loans help plaintiffs in the Golden State secure non-recourse legal funding for pending lawsuit settlements. This type of settlement funding is beneficial if you’ve suffered lost income, have mounting medical costs, or you’re just trying to make ends meet during the litigation process.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding has helped hundreds of plaintiffs receive fast lawsuit loans within 24 – 48 hours of application approval.

legal funding for plaintiffs and attorneys
We offer fast plaintiff legal funding, often referred to as “lawsuit loans" or "pre-settlement loans", to help pay for medical costs, past due bills, and everyday living expenses.

How Do Lawsuit Loans Work In California?

Lawsuit loans act as a cash advance against your pending settlement. However unlike typical loans, you do not need to repay any legal funding if you don’t win your case.

California follows the ‘pure comparative negligence rule’ whereas the plaintiff can claim 1% of what was not their fault, even if they are 99% at fault. In layman’s terms, a plaintiff is limited to the amount of damages they can receive, which is ultimately determined by the court.

You’re entitled to monetary compensation, but receiving your pending lawsuit settlement can take some time. This is not ideal if you’ve been injured in an accident, are financially struggling, and need cash now!

That’s where we come in! As a lawsuit funding company, Thrivest Link only receives a percentage of your settlement. No high rates. No hidden fees. No kidding!

How Do I Qualify For A Lawsuit Funding In California?

It’s fairly easy to determine if you qualify for lawsuit funding in California. First, you must meet a certain criteria for settlement funding. Second, once you’re approved, just leave the rest to us!

Our Lawsuit Funding Approval Process
  1. Contact Thrivest Link to request lawsuit funding on a pending personal injury claim.
  2. Once we verify that you’re represented by an attorney, we review your case details to determine the highest lawsuit loan amount possible.
  3. When approved for a lawsuit loan, you and your attorney must sign off on a purchase agreement (a contract where the plaintiff agrees to sell a portion of their pending settlement).
  4. Finally, we disperse your lawsuit funds via debit card, check, or directly into your bank account (typically within 24 hours of approval)

Which Case Types Are Eligible for Legal Funding?

Thrivest Link provides consumer legal funding to plaintiffs with personal injury claims in California. We fund plaintiffs in a variety of personal injury and civil lawsuits, including but not limited to:

Learn More About Our California Lawsuit Loans

If you’re looking for a risk-free lawsuit loan in the beautiful Golden State, we service all major cities throughout California and the surrounding areas. Contact one of our lawsuit funding experts and get back to living your life with financial freedom.

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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans in California

Get a risk-free lawsuit loan in California from Thrivest Link Legal Funding. Yes, it can take months before you see any settlement money if it’s tied up in litigation. But with Thrivest Link, you can get a lawsuit cash advance in less than 48 hours.

Our pre-settlement funding amounts range from $1,500 to $1mm+, with low rates and no hidden fees.

Apply for no-risk pre-settlement funding in California to get the fastest lawsuit cash advance you need now!
We offer strategic litigation financing for attorneys and law firms to maximize settlements and win cases!

How Legal Funding Works

Get fast pre-settlement funding for your personal injury lawsuit or pending litigation in 4 easy steps!

step 1
Apply Online
Tell us more details about your case and submit our plaintiff application or attorney application form.
step 2
Review & Approve
Our underwriters will review the details of your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.
step 3
Sign Agreement
Return your signed contract to finalize your request to borrow money from your settlement.
step 4
We Send Cash!
Receive your lawsuit advance from one of the top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the nation!

Get Wired – Money can be sent directly to a plaintiff’s bank account with proper documentation.

Receive a Check – A check can be sent to a plaintiff or attorney’s office and can be cashed immediately.

Debit Card – A pre-loaded debit card can be sent directly to the plaintiff or attorney’s office for immediate use.

How To Apply For Lawsuit Loans In California

In the state of California, the action required to receive pre-settlement lawsuit loans is easy, stress-free and fast. Please fill out our Quick Legal Funding Form to start the process. We’ll only need general information regarding yourself, your case, and the attorney!

Our intake specialist will give you a call to chat about your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim. We’ll let you know if you’ll need to send us any additional files. If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!