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Pre-settlement funding in Tennessee financially assists plaintiffs during lengthy accident cases. That’s why when you need secure lawsuit advances, you can trust Thrivest Link to help you afford living expenses in the meantime.

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Easy Access to Lawsuit Loans in Tennessee

We offer a simple process for you to gain easy access to non-recourse lawsuit loans in Tennessee. All you need to do is simply fill out our hassle-free online Plaintiff Application to get started. If you qualify for this type of legal funding, you can receive cash within hours- not days!

Upon receiving your request for funding, we’ll speak with your attorney to discuss the strength of your case and pending settlement amount. Once approved, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your money quickly!

How Does Pre-settlement Funding Work in Tennessee?

Tennessee pre-settlement funding provides much-needed financial assistance for lawsuit plaintiffs. The process begins with a simple online application where you share essential details about your case.

Here is a step-by-step to how pre-settlement funding works:

  • Apply Online: Complete our plaintiff application with basic case details.
  • Attorney Involvement: After receiving your application, we will consult with your attorney to gather additional information about your lawsuit.
  • Lawsuit Evaluation: Our team assesses the strength and potential settlement amount.
  • Approval and Funding: Once approved, funds are swiftly transferred to you.

How Can Settlement Funding Relieve Financial Stress for Plaintiffs?

Whether you’re looking for pre-settlement funding or surgical funding during an ongoing personal injury case, time is of the essence. The fact is, medical costs and other bills can’t always wait until a later time. Thrivest Link fully understands the urgency of meeting your current financial obligations and we’re ready to work with you.

Quick Pre Settlement Funding in TN

Don't let financial stress overwhelm you while you wait for your settlement. Apply for pre-settlement funding in Tennessee today and receive the help you need. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through each step.

Why Opt for Lawsuit Advances From Thrivest Link?

A lawsuit advance helps plaintiffs cover essential expenses while waiting for their case to settle. It’s a quick and efficient way to access funds without the burden of immediate repayment.

Lawsuit Settlement Funding Benefits in Tennessee?

Lawsuit settlement funding supports plaintiffs in Tennessee while their case is ongoing. Here are five key benefits of obtaining a settlement advances:

  1. Cover Rent or Home Mortgage Payments:
    Ensuring that you can keep up with your rent or mortgage payments is essential. A settlement cash advance can help you avoid falling behind on your rent or mortgage payments.
  2. Pay Major Utility Bills:
    Keeping the lights on and the water running is vital. Settlement funding can help cover major utility bills, such as electricity, gas, and water, ensuring that you and your family remain comfortable at home.
  3. Pain Management Center Financing:
    If you require specialized treatments at pain management centers due to your injury, Thrivest Link can help finance these services. Finally, you’ll be able to continue receiving the care you need without interruption.
  4. Car Payments:
    Staying current on your car payments is important to maintain your mobility. A settlement advance can help keep you moving, ensuring you have reliable transportation for daily activities.
  5. Childcare Costs:
    If you have children, managing childcare expenses is a priority. We can help cover the costs of daycare or pediatric appointments, so your children are well taken care of until your awarded settlement.

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We are committed to providing the residents of Tennessee with legal financing that helps them manage money and their quality of life during litigation. If you’re a plaintiff seeking settlement funding, contact us today!

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Our Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Get fast pre-settlement funding during your personal injury lawsuit in 4 easy steps!

step 1


Tell us more details about your case and submit our plaintiff application or attorney application form.

step 2


Our underwriters will review the details of your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.

step 3


Return your signed contract to finalize your request to borrow money from your settlement.

step 4


Receive your lawsuit advance from one of the top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the nation!

Get Wired – Money can be sent directly to a plaintiff’s bank account with proper documentation.

Receive a Check – A check can be sent to a plaintiff or attorney’s office and can be cashed immediately.

Debit Card – A pre-loaded debit card can be sent directly to the plaintiff or attorney’s office for immediate use.

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