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Thrivest Link has over 15 years of expertise in providing lawsuit plaintiffs with the necesssary legal funding needed in anticipation of an awarded settlement. Watch our extensive range of legal funding videos to better understand our process and what you can expect.

Learn more about the advantages of securing funding for your lawsuit. More importantly, you’ll get a better understanding of how legal funding can make a significant difference in your financial stability.

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Thrivest Link Legal Funding has consistently delivered reliable pre-settlement funding for lawsuit plaintiffs awaiting their anticipated settlement award.

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“Hands down the most loyal and thorough funding company I’ve ever experienced. Zoey is literally the best asset to this business. She made it her sole purpose to get me my advance as quickly and efficiently as possible. I highly recommend this company!! Thank you guys again.”
testimonial from client sent from their attorney for Thrivest Link
Aj Burke
Testimonial via Attorney
“I worked with Andy Getz, Vice President of Business Development, and he was great to work with. I was referred to another company by my attorney and I also considered several other companies, but in the end Andy offered the best package. I would recommend saving time and just call Andy.”
Google review from Jonathan
Tiffany Fullerton
“Being broke is no joke! James was very understanding and engaging with me. The process is very fast and easy, they break everything down and make sure you understand what's about to happen. I don't trust people, however this process has been extremely trustworthy!”
brandi google review
Clarence G.

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