Get Faster Legal Funding In Hawaii

We know firsthand how stressful keeping up with finances can be during your lawsuit. Now’s the time to get the fastest legal funding in Hawaii that guarantees you much needed financial relief.

Let Thrivest Link be your trusted funding partner, giving you peace of mind and financial support throughout the legal process.

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We offer fast plaintiff lawsuit funding (often referred to as a “lawsuit loan" "cash advance" or "pre-settlement funding") to help pay for medical costs, past due bills, and everyday living expenses.

Access Hassle-Free Lawsuit Funding

When it comes to lawsuit funding in Hawaii, residents seeking financial assistance in anticipation of their lawsuit settlement have a highly beneficial option. At Thrivest Link, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way and assisting you in maximizing the personalized financial advantages that are accessible to you.

Our dedicated team understands the challenges you may face during this time and strives to make the funding process as smooth as possible.

Need Legal Funding in Hawaii? Thrivest Link Has You Covered!

If you’re currently going through a lawsuit in Hawaii, you’re probably well aware of the stress and time commitment involved in the legal process. From court appearances to attorney fees and medical expenses, the financial burden can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s where Thrivest Link steps in. As one of the leading legal funding companies in Hawaii, we specialize in providing safe and secure financial support to plaintiffs like you during this frustrating time.

Whether you’re involved in a personal injury case, a product liability lawsuit, or any other type of civil litigation, we possess the expertise necessary to assist you effectively. Our primary objective is to alleviate the financial strain you may be experiencing, enabling you to focus on your case and work towards securing a fair settlement.

What Are Lawsuit Loans, Anyway?

Lawsuit loans, also referred to as pre-settlement legal funding, offer financial assistance to plaintiffs who need to cover expenses while awaiting the settlement of their case. Unlike traditional loans, lawsuit loans are not dependent on your credit score or income. Instead, they’re based on the strength of your case. If your case is strong, Thrivest Link can provide you with a fast lawsuit cash advance.

When you apply for this type of legal funding with Thrivest Link, the process is insanely simple. Our team carefully reviews the details of your case and assesses its potential. Factors such as liability, damages, and the likelihood of successful outcome are taken into consideration.

Once your application is approved, you can expect to receive the funds you need within a relatively short period. This allows you to address immediate financial obligations and reduces the stress associated with waiting for your settlement.

Types of Cases Covered By Lawsuit Funding

We offer lawsuit loans for a wide range of case types in Hawaii. Whether you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death claim, or even a class action lawsuit, our expertise allows us to assist you regardless of your legal background.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our lawsuit loans can assist you in your pursuit of financial recovery.

Our Non-recourse Financing & Flexible Repayment Terms

With non-recourse financing, you’re under no obligation to repay the lawsuit loan if your case doesn’t result in a favorable outcome. It’s a risk-free cash advance that provides access to the funds you need right now. When it comes to repayment terms, we prioritize your financial well-being.

We’ll collaborate with your attorney to create a customized repayment plan based on the merits of your case and your expected settlement. This ensures that you can comfortably repay the funding once your case is settled.

We value transparency and aim to keep you well-informed. You can expect us to provide all the details regarding rates and the repayment process upfront, so there are no surprises along the way.

Laws and Regulations Related to Lawsuit Loans in Hawaii

It’s important to understand the laws and regulations that apply to lawsuit loans in Hawaii. These provisions are in place to safeguard plaintiffs and ensure fair practices within the legal funding industry. Let’s explore what you need to know.

In Hawaii, the state’s usury laws regulate lawsuit loans by setting a maximum limit on the rates that can be charged. This means that lenders operating in Hawaii, including Thrivest Link, must comply with these laws and cannot charge excessive rates.

Thrivest Link, as a responsible and ethical funding company, fully complies with all relevant laws and regulations in Hawaii. We prioritize your safety and security by offering legal funding options that are strictly secure. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process, explaining the legal framework, and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations.

Cases We Fund

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How Legal Funding In Hawaii Works

Get fast pre-settlement funding for your personal injury lawsuit or pending settlement in 4 easy steps!

step 1
Apply Online
Tell us more details about your case and submit our plaintiff application or attorney application form.
step 2
Review & Approve
Our underwriters will review the details of your case to see if you qualify for a cash advance.
step 3
Sign Agreement
Return your signed contract to finalize your request to borrow money from your settlement.
step 4
We Send Cash!
Receive your lawsuit advance from one of the top-rated lawsuit funding companies in the nation!

Get Wired – Money can be sent directly to a plaintiff’s bank account with proper documentation.

Receive a Check – A check can be sent to a plaintiff or attorney’s office and can be cashed immediately.

Debit Card – A pre-loaded debit card can be sent directly to the plaintiff or attorney’s office for immediate use.

How to apply for pre-settlement and post-settlement funding in Hawaii

Pre-settlement funding and post-settlement funding shouldn’t be a complicated maze. It’s a straight shot to satisfaction with Thrivest Link.

Complete our Plaintiff Application Form, and as soon as we get your request we’ll start the qualification process immediately.

If we need images of the damages, police records or other evidence relevant to your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim, we’ll give you a heads up! If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!

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