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  • Type of Funding : Lawsuit Loans
  • Category : Consumer Legal Funding
  • Loan Amount : $1,500 to $2+ MM
  • Lawsuits : Personal Injury + Tort
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Lawsuit Loans Approved in 24 Hours!

Lawsuit loans from Thrivest Link Legal Funding can quickly provide you with the cash advance you need while your case is still pending. If you’re trying to compare lawsuit loans for personal injuries or class action lawsuits, you’ll find Thrivest Link is the right choice.

Is A Lawsuit Loan The Same As A Conventional Loan?

No, a consumer is not required to repay a lawsuit loan if he or she loses their case and does not receive a settlement or court award. Conventional loans acquired from banks or credit unions do require that the borrower repays the lender.

As a nationwide consumer legal funding company, Thrivest Link often uses phrases like lawsuit loans, lawsuit advance, and pre-settlement loans. This is because many people think of our lawsuit funding services as conventional loans, of which they are not. However, we use the term “loan" for simplicity and to give you the most honest description of the cash advances available to you.

What Is a Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loan?

A non-recourse lawsuit loan is a cash advance against a future lawsuit settlement that does not need to be repaid if you lose your case or a settlement is not reached in your favor. Thrivest Link provides lawsuit funding that is structured as a non-recourse purchase of a pending settlement.

How does a non-recourse lawsuit loan work? Imagine if you get a bank loan, the bank can recoup their loan amount if you default, by seizing your personal assets as collateral.

Alternative loan lenders, such as Thrivest Link Legal Funding, can only receive an agreed upon percentage of your expected settlement as secured collateral. If you don’t win your lawsuit claim, you don’t have to repay us. Why? Because if you don’t receive a settlement or monetary award, we don’t get paid either.

When you’re a Thrivest Link Legal Funding client, we understand that we’re in this together.

Do You Offer Alternative Financing for Plaintiffs?

Yes, our alternative financing options have helped hundreds of plaintiffs get fast legal funding while their case went through the legal process.

We offer non-traditional sources of funding to plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms so they can receive the money they need now. Our 2 main types of alternative financing are:

Do Lawsuit Loans Have High Interest Rates?

Non-recourse lawsuit loans typically have higher interest rates because there is a greater financial risk for lenders (the alternative lending company), not for borrowers (the plaintiff). The immediate risk to the lawsuit loan company is that we only get financially reimbursed if you win your case. That is why we have our team of dedicated legal funding underwriters carefully review your case details with extreme due diligence.

At Thrivest Link, we do not require background checks, credit scores, or employment status information. What we do is make a financial investment in you, your case, and the expected lawsuit settlement that you deserve. Unlike other legal funding companies, we make every effort to provide lawsuit loans with low interest rates for plaintiffs.

Are Lawsuit Loans Expensive?

That depends on several factors, including how long your lawsuit claim will take to reach a settlement award.

Let’s say that you win your case. After repaying the funding company from your settlement, you’ll also have to deduct court services, attorneys’ fees (especially for contingency-fee lawyers) case costs, and other legal expenses. What’s left is your remaining settlement award.

This is why it’s critical to work with a trusted legal funding company that works with you, and in your best interests. As long as you have details about your case, are actively represented by counsel, and have a strong chance at winning a settlement, you’ll be approved for funding.

Apply for legal funding and see if you qualify for a lawsuit loan today!

The Thrivest Link Difference
What makes Thrivest Link one of the best legal funding companies around? We offer full transparency, no hidden costs, and a commitment to getting you the money you need.

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We make your lawsuit funding needs a priority! Here’s how it works.

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While your case is in litigation, apply for fast and secure Thrivest Link lawsuit loans to reduce your financial burdens.

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