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Lawsuit loans from Thrivest Link Legal Funding offer a timely cash advance during your ongoing case. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury or a class action, we stand out as a reliable financial option.

Our quick approval process and transparent terms make us the preferred choice for legal funding. As a matter of fact, plaintiffs across the nation trust Thrivest Link for many of their lawsuit loan needs.

Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans For The Win!

If you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you know just how overwhelming and stressful the process can be. Whether you’re dealing with a car accident claim, a slip and fall accident, or some other civil case, you may be facing mounting financial challenges.

The good news is that lawsuit loans from Thrivest Link can help. Our innovative financial products allow you to access the money you need to cover medical fees, living expenses, and other costs while your case is ongoing.

One of the biggest advantages of lawsuit loans is that they level the playing field during the legal process. If you’re up against a well-funded defendant or a deep-pocketed insurance company, you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage. At Thrivest Link though, we believe in empowering plaintiffs to take control of their legal cases and get the financial assistance they need to succeed.

Cases Eligible For A Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loan

Are you struggling to make ends meet because you’re tied up in litigation? That’s where a non-recourse lawsuit loan can come in handy! We provide you with the legal funds you need to maintain your financial stability while awaiting the outcome of your case.

As a reminder, a lawsuit loan by definition is non-recourse funding, meaning a plaintiff does not need to repay the lender if they lose their case.

Listed below are just a few examples of the types of personal injury cases that our lawsuit loans can be used for.

  • Car Accidents: This type of inconvenience often results in a variety of financial hardships, devastating injuries, and lost income. Thrivest Link lawsuit loans can quickly provide you with a financial lifeline.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: If you’ve been hit by a vehicle while walking or crossing the street, a lawsuit cash advance would help finance medical fees and pain management center appointments.
  • Truck Accidents: You may be affected by property damage, personal injuries, or a wrongful death. A truck accident lawsuit loan can help with property repairs, healthcare expenses, or funeral costs.
  • Slip and Falls: Since this type of accident can result in serious injuries and long-term disabilities, a pre-settlement lawsuit loan can help you afford mounting living expenses and get you back on your feet.
  • Product Liability: A settlement advance gives you financial support while you legally hold responsible parties or manufacturers accountable if you’ve been injured by a defective or dangerous product.
  • Dog Bite Injuries: Yes, dog attacks can cause serious injuries and require extensive medical treatment. A non-recourse loan for dog bite lawsuit settlements gives you cash upfront while you wait for your case to settle.

With our easy legal funding application, fast approval process, and competitive rates, we’re the trusted lawsuit loan provider you need to win. So why wait? Contact Thrivest Link today to learn more about our lawsuit loan options and take the first step towards financial freedom.

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Answers To Common Lawsuit Loan Questions

How do I qualify for a lawsuit loan?

Qualifying for a lawsuit loan is quite simple.

  1. You must have an active personal injury case or other civil lawsuit in progress.
  2. You’ll need to have an attorney (contingency-fee based or standard) representing you.
  3. Your personal injury claim must be promising, meaning that there is a high likelihood that you’ll receive a settlement or jury award.

Do I need good credit for a settlement loan?

You do not need to worry about your credit score when applying for a settlement loan. Your credit does not factor into our funding criteria and requirements for eligibility. Thrivest Link Legal Funding evaluates the strength of your case and the likelihood of a favorable outcome, rather than assessing your creditworthiness.

How long does the lawsuit loan approval process take?

The approval process for a lawsuit loan can be approved in as little as 24 hours. A more complex personal injury case review may take up to 48 hours. Once approved, we release the funds to you immediately!

How will I receive my lawsuit loan?

We will quickly send a cash advance to you via direct deposit, a pre-loaded debit card, or check. This way you can start spending your money on whatever expenses or financial emergencies you need to immediately.

When do I need to repay a pre-settlement lawsuit loan?

You only need to repay the non-recourse loan if you win your lawsuit settlement. Otherwise, you are not required to return the money if you lose.

More Lawsuit Funding Information

Is A Lawsuit Loan The Same As A Conventional Loan?

No, a plaintiff (the consumer) is not required to repay a lawsuit loan if they lose their case and don’t receive a settlement. Conventional loans acquired from banks or credit unions do require that the borrower repays the lender.

As a nationwide consumer legal funding company, Thrivest Link often uses phrases like lawsuit loans, lawsuit advance, and pre-settlement loans. This is because many people think of our lawsuit funding services as conventional loans, of which they are not. However, we use the term “loan" for simplicity and to give you the most honest description of the cash advances available to you.

What Is a Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loan?

A non-recourse lawsuit loan is a cash advance against a future lawsuit settlement that does not need to be repaid if you lose your case or a settlement is not reached in your favor. Thrivest Link provides lawsuit funding that is structured as a non-recourse purchase of a pending settlement.

How does a non-recourse lawsuit loan work? Imagine if you get a bank loan, the bank can recoup their loan amount if you default, by seizing your personal assets as collateral.

Alternative loan lenders, such as Thrivest Link Legal Funding, can only receive an agreed upon percentage of your expected settlement as secured collateral. If you don’t win your lawsuit claim, you don’t have to repay us. Why? Because if you don’t receive a settlement or monetary award, we don’t get paid either.

When you’re a Thrivest Link Legal Funding client, we understand that we’re in this together.

Do You Offer Alternative Financing for Plaintiffs?

Yes, our alternative financing options have helped hundreds of plaintiffs get fast legal funding while their case went through the legal process.

We offer non-traditional sources of funding to plaintiffs, attorneys, and law firms so they can receive the money they need now. Our 2 main types of alternative financing are: Attorney Financing and primarily Consumer Legal Funding.

Do Lawsuit Loans Have High Rates?

Non-recourse lawsuit loans typically have higher rates because there is a greater financial risk for lenders (the alternative lending company), not for borrowers (the plaintiff). The immediate risk to the lawsuit loan company is that we only get financially reimbursed if you win your case. That is why we have our team of dedicated legal funding underwriters carefully review your case details with extreme due diligence.

At Thrivest Link, we do not require background checks, credit scores, or employment status information. What we do is make a financial investment in you, your case, and the expected lawsuit settlement that you deserve. Unlike other legal funding companies, we make every effort to provide lawsuit loans with low rates for plaintiffs.

Are Lawsuit Loans Expensive?

That depends on several factors, including how long your lawsuit claim will take to reach a settlement award.

Let’s say that you win your case. After repaying the funding company from your settlement, you’ll also have to deduct court services, attorneys’ fees (especially for contingency-fee lawyers) case costs, and other legal expenses. What’s left is your remaining settlement award.

This is why it’s critical to work with a trusted legal funding company that works with you every step of the way. As long as you have details about your case, are actively represented by counsel, and have a strong chance at winning a settlement, you’ll be approved for funding.

Apply for legal funding and see if you qualify for a lawsuit loan today!

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