Litigation Financing for Attorneys & Law Firms

If you’re a personal injury attorney, then you know that litigation financing helps you achieve justice for your clients and secure fair compensation for your services. Thrivest Link Legal Funding understands these challenges and the financial constraints you may encounter.

Since some cases can be a time-consuming and expensive process, reliable litigation financing can be a valuable tool for attorneys. We couldn’t agree more!

A Leader In Attorney Funding Nationwide

When investing in your future matters, secure high quality law firm funding and litigation financing from Thrivest Link. We also offer attorney funding for lien-based medical treatment and pain management centers.

We link attorneys and law firms to legal funds and other resources so they can invest in their firm and its future. With Thrivest Link law firm financing options, you’ll have capital for more favorable litigation outcomes, increased cash flow, and client satisfaction.

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The Benefits of Law Firm & Attorney Funding

Let’s work together! There are several benefits to law firm and attorney funding that only Thrivest Link can deliver. It’s risk-free financing and a valuable referral.

risk free financing


Our true non-recourse legal funding guarantees no repayment if you and your clients don't win the case.

affordable rates


You can rest assured that you won't incur additional costs at any step of our funding process.

no hidden fees with Thrivest Link


There are no hidden fees or additional costs when you partner with Thrivest Link Legal Funding.

law firm capital


We provide law firm capital for smart financial investments in the future of your firm and attorneys.

A winning strategy

By empowering attorneys to win more cases, and unlimited capital to grow your law firm, everyone wins!

The Highs & Lows of Litigation Funding

Thrivest Link can provide your clients with the financial resources they need to make ends meet while they pursue their claims. Even small to large law firms can take advantage of our third-party litigation funding.

There are advantages to securing financing for litigation, as well as drawbacks. With any monetary investment or non-recourse loans, here are some pros and cons to consider.

The Advantages of Attorney Funding

Access to Justice: Your clients deserve access to justice especially when they may not be able to pursue a claim without financial support. That’s why Thrives Link is a proud member of the American Association for Justice.

Reduced Financial Risk: Litigation financing can reduce the financial risk for plaintiffs and attorneys. This is due to the fact that litigation expenses and fees are paid upfront, and repaid only if the case is won!

Higher Settlements or Awards: Financing litigation can result in higher settlements for clients since they’ll be able to afford stronger lawsuit claims. This works out best for both plaintiffs and attorneys.

The Challenges to Financing Litigation

Higher Rates: Sometimes there are high rates associated with litigation financing. This makes securing capital from a funding company slightly more expensive, as opposed to a bank loan or family members.

Lack of Control: Litigation financing can potentially limit your control over the case, but only if you give the lender a say in settlement negotiations. Don’t work with a funding company that gets involved in your legal strategies.

Ethical Concerns: Some attorneys have ethical concerns around litigation financing, particularly when it comes to conflicts of interest and pressure to settle a case to quickly. We highly recommend not rushing the legal process.

Modernize Your Practice With Law Firm Funding

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, law firm funding can be vital in modernizing a law firm’s business. Why is this important? Because by leveraging a third-party legal funding company, firms can take on more high-value cases and expand their practice without risking their own capital.

In layman’s terms: litigation financing for attorneys and law firms provides more financial options and resources to further modernize their business.

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