3 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Law Practice

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If you’re not including video as a component of your law firm’s marketing strategy, you are missing a valuable channel to increase brand awareness, increase online engagement, and generate leads. A Video Marketing Strategy survey conducted by Ascend2 found that 85 percent of companies found value in video marketing as a strategy, with more than half of the marketers surveyed saying that the most effective types of video content include customer testimonials, explainer or tutorial videos, and demonstration videos.

For law firms in particular, videos are a particularly effective way to showcase an attorney’s expertise and persuasiveness while delivering emotional impact. Not to mention that distribution is free–simply post on YouTube–and allow your name and brand to be shared far and wide.

Here are some ideas to to think about for including video in your law firm’s marketing mix:

Client Testimonials

Testimonials from past clients are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website and, most importantly, convince prospective clients to choose you. Rather than expecting your website visitors to hire you solely based on your word that you’re a great lawyer, videos allow you to support that claim with real-life stories of clients’ experiences with your firm.

Video testimonials often pack a stronger emotional punch than the written word. They provide an emotional connection between the customer and the product, while giving prospects an authentic sense of who you are, how you helped them, and the difference you’ve made in others’ lives.

If you don’t already have a YouTube page for your firm, create one, and share each testimonial as a separate video. Then, embed them on your website in a section labeled “Testimonials.” As you accumulate more video testimonials, you can post them to your website one at a time, then share on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for your followers to view and share with their networks.

Get to Know the Firm Through Storytelling

Another way to create personal connections between customers and your firm is to put a face to the product. Videos are an excellent way to tell a story about your firm, such as sharing your history, introducing potential clients to your attorneys, or featuring one of your lawyers sharing insights from past legal wins. Marketing through storytelling creates a personal connection between customers and a product, and for a law firm, humanizing the attorneys and cases that comprise the practice can make for a powerful marketing strategy.

Educate and Inform

In addition to being the Internet’s go-to source for music videos and wacky viral content, YouTube is also the number one search engine for “how to” and “what if” questions. When people have a question–legal or otherwise–YouTube is the first place people go to have that question answered. Use this to your advantage by sharing your firm’s expertise in short, informative clips on specific legal topics.

One straightforward way to generate content is to focus on frequently asked questions pertaining to your practice area. For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer, you could post a video explaining what actions to take immediately if you are injured at work. These videos are made for social media sharing, and as your content is retweeted and reposted, you and your firm’s names will be shared as well.
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