Car Wreck Funding: “Failure To Maintain Lane” Cases

What Are “Failure To Maintain Lane” Car Wrecks

A “failure to maintain lane” car wreck comes from when a driver fails to stay in their lane while driving. Examples of this include drifting into another lane, or even improper lane switching. Drivers under the influence are mostly the ones who cause these type of car wrecks. “Failure to maintain lane” wrecks result in a high traffic ticket for the driver who caused it, but can cost more for the other driver who was hit. This may lead the other driver to seek car wreck funding.

How Does Car Wreck Funding Work For This Case?

If you or someone you know have a case currently pending due to a car wreck you may need funding for your case. Car wrecks are motor vehicle accident case types and many settlement funding companies support these cases. For example, Thrivest Link provides a fast lawsuit cash advance for these case types once you’ve been qualified. Let’s go further into how to qualify for funding.

Steps To Qualify For Car Wreck Funding:

1. You Must Be In A State That Allows Settlement Funding

Due to laws and regulations in certain states funding from all settlement funding companies is not possible. For instance, if you’re in a state where the company you’re working with is restricted from funding then they will not work with you. This means you want to check the states the company you’re working with funds before submitting an application. Just like many lawsuit funding companies, we provide the states we fund on our website.

2. Make Sure You Have All Required Documentation

You want to make sure you have all medical and police documentation associated with your case. This is important because lawsuit funding companies need to know all the info regarding your case to feel ok with giving you funding. Additionally, this is due to the fact that pre-settlement funding companies take on a huge risk giving a cash advance. Furthermore, if you do not have all the required info then this may cause you to be denied funding.

3. You Will Need An Attorney To Help With Your Application

In some instances you can have a strong case, but without an attorney your case can be denied. This is why you want to have an attorney to help get pre-settlement funding. Additionally, they can help make sure you understand everything in the application process. Furthermore, attorneys can help submit needed documentation on your behalf.

4. Clear Up Any Financial Liabilities

You will want to clear up any financial liabilities before applying for settlement funding. Examples of these liabilities can be any bankruptcies or financial liens you’re dealing with. Having these financial liabilities doesn’t mean you can not still apply, but can hinder the application. We recommend clearing up these issue beforehand to increase your chances of being approved for a cash advance.

5. State All Financial Hardships You’re Having

You will want to mention all financial issues you’re having due to your case. This can include any medical, insurance, or car bills you may have. Bringing this to the table can help present a stronger case to pre-settlement funding companies. Additionally, this can increase the chances of you getting a cash advance.


We at Thrivest Link wanted to mention the ways to get car wreck funding if you, or someone you know are involved in this motor vehicle case. On the other hand we do want you review all your options before considering settlement funding. If you have reviewed all other options and still need assistance due to your case we can help. Feel free to apply when you are ready and get settlement money now!