9 Largest Slip And Fall Accident Compensations

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9 Largest Slip And Fall Accident Compensations

Slip and fall injuries are some of the most common injuries in the workplace, in the home and on public land. It is vital that property owners take adequate steps and measures to prevent as many slip and fall accidents as possible. This is also demonstrated in the fact that compensation claims for these types of injuries can be incredibly high. Some of the highest compensation claims are listed below.

1. $18 Million for Fall in Manhole

A medical student at the University of Pennsylvania fell 18 feet into a manhole after a homeless person had removed the cover. The manhole was operated by Trigen-Philadelphia Energy Corporation. They were proven to be aware of the fact that homeless people would frequently seek shelter in manholes and leave the covers off. Indeed, this had been happening for over a decade and the company did nothing to improve the situation. The medical student sustained spinal injuries, stopping him from continuing his education or embarking on a career. 99.9% of the liability was placed on the hands of Trigen-Philadelphia Energy.

2. $12.2 Million for Slip Outside Miller Mart

A woman slipped outside a Miller Mart store in 2003 and suffered significant brain injuries. She slipped on the raised sidewalk and hit her head on the ground, causing her to lose consciousness. The store, which is part of the Miller Oil Company, was found to be liable because no warnings were in place to state dark algae had formed on the sidewalk. The payout was the largest in Virginia history.

3. $10 million for Grease Slip Outside Wal-Mart

A female truck driver slipped on some spilled grease outside a Wal-Mart store in Greeley, Colorado. The case was highly complicated, as Wal-Mart denied that a spill had occurred at all. However, the woman’s claims were backed up on the second day of the trial. The injury caused her to have three spinal injuries leading her to lose her job and truck. Wal-Mart appealed the verdict, but this has been upheld in court.

4. $7.75 Million for Slip on Driveway

In 2012, a man in Virginia left his apartment and slipped on the ice in doing so. Several of his leg bones were broken and the injury led to various complications as well. Indeed, it looked as though his leg would have to be amputated. The victim was a diabetic, which led to further complications. The court determined that the landlord had not removed snow or ice on the driveway as required by law and was ordered to pay out $7.75 million.

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