A special legal funding offering to say thank you

You gave selflessly, and generously. You and your family sacrificed what’s most valuable to enable you to serve. You took the biggest risk of all. And now, you’re the one in need.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ is here to help. For active duty military and veterans from the U.S. Armed Forces—and their immediate family members, we offer special pricing just to say thank you.

We offer a 2.75% monthly rate to active military, veterans and their families, which is reduced from our standard 2.95% monthly rate. In Illinois and South Carolina, we offer a 36% APR.

What is the Thrivest Link Legal Funding Veterans Program?

At Thrivest Link Legal Funding™, we have the pleasure of funding many different plaintiffs, lawsuits, and attorneys. We know our funds go a long way toward easing a difficult journey—and making life more manageable during a worthy fight. 

But when it comes to military personnel and the people they love most, we wanted to do more. That’s why Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ decided to give back to the Armed Forces—and become the only lawsuit funding company to create a special program for active and retired military personnel.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding Honors the U.S. Military

If you or an immediate family member is in the U.S. military, and you’re pursuing any of the case types we cover, you’re eligible for special pricing in honor of your service. The funds we provide can go toward the expenses and bills that are piling up—especially if you’re unable to work.

Beyond surgery costs, doctor’s bills, and medicine, our funds can also cover food and utility bills, mortgage payments and school supplies, car payments and clothing. You can spend the money on anything you choose.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ makes it fast and simple to secure funding. With our help, you can pursue justice and focus on getting better, without added financial strain. Best of all, you’ll know within a matter of days—not weeks or months—whether you’re approved.

It’s easy to apply for the Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ Veterans Program. Take a few minutes to fill out our form today.