Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ & Served Natural Partner Up to Support COVID Medical Heroes

Press Release | June 24, 2020

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™, in partnership with Served Natural, donated a total of 1,000 meals to Harlem Hospital, Mount Sinai and NYP Brooklyn in appreciation of healthcare workers and their dedication to public service. 

“Not only have these frontline healthcare workers saved countless lives during pandemics such as COVID, but they also care for our clients through injury, trauma and tragedy. We are immensely grateful.” Ryan Silverman, Chief Executive Officer, Thrivest Link Legal Funding ™.

The staff of Harlem Hospital, Mount Sinai and NYP Brooklyn received a nutritious boost with an assortment of meals by Served Natural, a New York based health food company dedicated to helping people live better, perform better and work better.

“The Served Natural journey began at a group fitness class, where I first met my fellow co-founders, Jennifer and Kyle. We have been helping others eat naturally ever since.” Jared Lyons, Co-Founder, Served Natural.

About Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding

Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding provides funding for medical services related to personal injury litigation. Whether it’s financing for digital imaging related to a traumatic brain injury, a complicated orthopedic surgical procedure, or the purchasing of letters of protection, we are there to support you and your patients. Contact Rachel Rosenberg at or call 332-206-2201 for more information.