Philly Personal Injury Law Firm Tus Abogados Locales Open New Location

Via Street Insider

Philadelphia, PA – Tus Abogados Locales, a personal injury law firm serving the State of Pennsylvania, has inaugurated their newest location in Center City Philly.

“After having represented clients with their personal injury claims throughout the state, our research teams encountered an underserved population of Spanish-speakers consistently seeking out ‘abogados de lesiones personales en Filadelfia‘ and ‘abogados de compensación laboral.‘ This led us to open a new office in Philly’s downtown district with hopes of better serving these victims,” explained David Petrone, Esq., one of the head injury attorneys at the firm.

Personal injury is a broad section of the law which encompasses many different types of negligence cases. Tus Abogados Locales possesses a team of personal injury attorneys who have experience in a wide range of these including car accidents, worker’s compensation claims, slip and fall lawsuits, and even medical malpractice cases.

Petrone continued, “Many of the persons who suffer injuries as a result of the negligence of other individuals or groups often feel like they are helpless and unable to obtain justice. Fortunately, the law in the City of Philadelphia affords these victims some porwerful legal options to fight for their rights and seek the compensation that they deserve.”

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