A Labor of Love: Pre-settlement Funding Client Interview

Millions of unemployed Americans, at-risk frontline employees, and over 20,000 new COVID-19 cases across the US as of September 7th. How do we stay positive this Labor Day?

As you may know, Labor day was initially created by the labor movement in the late 19th century. Every year, (minus 2020), we gather with our friends and families to celebrate American workers and their accomplishments. From child labor to extreme working conditions, we have been able to overcome some very difficult chapters in the US.

Labor Day 2020 may incite mixed emotions and reminders for those who have been affected the hardest during the crisis. Through all of the negativity, regardless of personal circumstance, we may all find ourselves a little blue and leaning into that dreaded word: pessimism.

But how do you stay positive during the holidays when we are in the middle of a global crisis? This Labor Day, we’re not only celebrating those who have been up against immense challenge and those who risk their lives everyday on the frontline. We’re focusing on the coping tools, mechanisms and activities that have helped our clients maintain positive mental health during the turbulence.

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Interview: Raquan (Age 45) Pre-Settlement Funding Client at Thrivest Link Legal Funding™

Q1 – Thrivest Link Legal Funding™: Do you have a hobby that has kept you happy during quarantine?

A2 – Pre-settlement Funding Client, Raquan: This may come as a surprise to you but I’ve been really lovin’ gardening and cooking haha. Throughout the summer I’ve been out of a job because of my car accident but I’ve been growing my own tomatoes and peppers..I’ve been making a lot of my own sauces. It’s kept my mind off of everything going on, its almost like therapy you know.

Q2 – Thrivest Link Legal Funding™: Love that!! There are a number of people in our office that love to cook. Do you have any favorite recipes?

A2 – Pre-settlement Funding Client, Raquan: My grandmother really turned me on to this family gumbo recipe that she learned to make when she was livin down in New Orleans. Its my go to. Thick and spicy..family secret though haha.

Q3 – Thrivest Link Legal Funding™: Soo when are we getting the dinner invitation?

A3 – Pre-settlement Funding Client, Raquan: You let me know. Tell my man Andy Getz he better show up.

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