Innovation in Healthcare: What are the Implications for Medical Malpractice Law and Litigation Finance?

To be alive is a gift and a challenge. It’s safe to say that life’s easier today than the era of hydrotherapy and trepanation. Healthcare is reaching a height of prosperity through innovation.

The dynamism of the healthcare industry is enhancing the quality of life for entire generations. It’s clear that we are making strides as a culture.

  • A man who was immobilized can now walk through advancement in exoskeletons and cerebral implants.
  • Underserved communities around the world are able to receive affordable prosthetics through 3D printing.
  • Regaining the ability to work for some low-income individuals can lay the groundwork to pivot and break their poverty cycle.

Furthermore, these tech advancements are disrupting and reinventing how businesses function globally. Medical malpractice law and litigation finance are no exception. 

Increases in defective medical device claims could increase the demand for litigation finance and medical malpractice lawyers. 

“Innovations in healthcare could also imply an increase in demand for the purchasing of letters of protection. Thrivest Link will help small to medium-sized surgical centers increase their liquidity by purchasing LOP’s  for clients in the midst of litigation. An increase in surgeries that involve complex and innovative procedures could really effect the cash flow of these small businesses.”- Andy Getz, Vice President of Business Development.

We typically do not fund medical device claims, however here are a few funding companies that may be able to assist with your case.

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