Tesla Base ADAS Cut 3rd-party Damage Claims

driverless auto accident fault

IIHS: Tesla base ADAS cut third-party damage claims, Autopilot might lower collision

A recent news article written by John Huetter on repairerdrivennews.com discusses in depth an analysis by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety of the Tesla Model Ss BEFORE and AFTER the installation of an advanced driver assistance system.

The statistically significant result is the latest indicator of the effect advanced driver assistance systems might have upon collision repair industry volume and attorney auto accident claim volume.

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It is worth noting that the total number of fatal vehicle crashes has been steadily increasing over the past handful of years even though there has been an uptick of vehicles with driver assistance systems.

That being said, according to the HLDI & IIHS, there are real world benefits of crash avoidance technologies and the numbers are quite eye-opening. According to a recent study that compared rates of police-reported crashes and insurance claims for vehicles with and without the technologies, there is a considerable decline in accidents as a direct result of forward collision warnings, forward collision warnings with auto-brake technology, lane departure warnings, blind spot detection, rear automatic braking, rear view cameras and rear cross-traffic alerts. Take a look for yourself.

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