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What is an Auto Accident Settlement?

How much can you expect from an auto accident personal injury settlement? While insurance companies have payout systems in place, you can get more settlement money than you think. How long does it take you reach a settlement after your accident? Well, that depends on a number of things, particularly the unique factors of your individual case. In this article, you will see what the overall process looks like and get a better idea of what to expect as things progress.

First, you are an in accident. Now, file a police report as soon as you can. Every state requires a police report if the auto accident involved any deaths or injuries. This will also provide your attorney with descriptive details of the accident and anything that could help you in the settlement. In a previous article we talk about pre-settlement funding and lawsuit loans. We cover the various injuries that many people suffer in accidents, and how these funding options can help you. You can find more information here.

Next Steps

As soon as possible, see a doctor after the accident. No matter how severe your injuries are, it is always good to seek medical treatment or get some sort of consultation. Even if your injuries are not serious, seeing a doctor will give you some clarity. If an injury was caused by the accident, they will let you know. This will also help your insurance provider evaluate the settlement.

Get in contact with legal help. Hiring a good lawyer will help you. Find one who handles cases like yours. Look for a personal injury lawyer or auto accident attorney. They will help you reach the best settlement. Meet and discuss your situation with an attorney, before talking to anyone else. Set yourself up for success, if you want a good settlement. Getting a settlement that is more than what you discussed is a possibility. You have to provide your attorney with whatever you can. Keep track of medical records, accident reports, photos, time out of work and anything else that helps your case. Be transparent with your attorney and give them the information that will support you.

Reaching a Settlement

Consider the damages done and consider any long-term impacts that the accident could have. Talk with your attorney and walk through the likely outcomes of your case. During your case, your lawyer will represent you and make sure that you get compensation for any and all damages. When you get any settlement offers, be sure to review them carefully. Also be sure to have your attorney review them with you.

Insurance companies tend to undervalue injury cases and will try to offer you as little money as possible. When they give you an initial number, you and your attorney will likely not be pleased. The injuries you suffered, damages done and anything else they can to factor in will impact the settlement amount. In auto accident cases, important factors are any physical injuries suffered and vehicle damages. The settlement amount depends greatly on your injuries, such as whiplash, joint damage, and any severe injury that left you hospitalized or out of work.

Know the details of your accident and the severity of your injuries. This will help you know the worth of your settlement and help your attorney find a better one when the insurance company lowballs you.

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