Attorney and Medical Funding in 2020

Legal Funding in 2020

Keep the ball rollin’ in the New Year with Attorney and Medical Funding.

Grow your legal or medical practice with funding in 2020. Law firms or healthcare facilities that take on personal injury victims have a unique challenge when it comes to business management. A lack of liquidity that occurs from taking on cases and pending settlements could even be the Achilles heal of your company, stunting growth from within and putting your business operations at risk.

A New Year brings new unknowns, and the potential for volatility, surprises and unexpected challenges is wholly present in our ever-changing world.

If you have a smaller firm or healthcare practice, you are no stranger to the risk of having poor financial liquidity, especially during economic downturns and global crises. It is critical to be aware of the options available to your business that can serve not only as a life raft, but as a tool to increase your case bandwidth.

Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding can provide you with funding options to improve your firm or healthcare facilities’ liquidity. Not only do we provide funding for complicated surgeries related to litigation, and attorney funding, but we also handle the purchasing of Letters of Protection (LOP’s). The repayment of Letters of Protection could take years to resolve, but Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding will purchase them so that you don’t put your business at risk and have to spend your valuable time waiting to get paid

There is a saturation of companies in the market that provide funding services for healthcare and legal services related to litigation, however Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding is a preferred partner by firms locally and nationally, providing high quality, professional, and transparent services to consumers and businesses alike. Find out why our customers prefer Thrivest Link™ Legal Funding on Trust Pilot.

Most importantly, don’t let the ball drop in 2020. Keep it rollin’ with Attorney and Medical Funding. Let’s make this the best decade yet.