Legal Funding Across America

Legal funding is a relatively new industry. It began in the 1990s and has quickly grown since 2011, with more than $100 million a year were being distributed to plaintiffs throughout the country. Personal injury lawyers help resolve cases fairly, while we provide resources to plaintiffs who need their settlement in advance. These funds can be used to cover their immediate life expenses while in suit.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ connects personal injury plaintiffs with legal funds from coast to coast.

States We Fund

We have a history of providing high-quality, thoughtful legal funding programs throughout the United States, including:

THRIVEST LINK LEGAL FUNDING™ DOES NOT PROVIDE FUNDING FOR CASES FILED IN OR TO PLAINTIFF’S WHO LIVE IN THE FOLLOWING STATES: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia.