Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding

Have a Pending Lawsuit & Need Cash Now? Pre-Settlement Funding Could Be Your Solution!

Plaintiffs who engage in litigation typically do so because they have suffered a life-changing event. Personal injury, employment discrimination, wrongful death – though these terms may sound clinical on paper, they all refer to very real, often very painful, moments in a plaintiff’s life.

What is Pre-settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding can help you get by during your ongoing litigation. It can reduce your financial stress so you can focus on restoring your life to its normal state. Furthermore, lawsuit funding allows you to wait for a reasonable payout instead of accepting a low-ball settlement that large corporations and insurance companies are notorious for handing out.

Our Pre-Settlement Advances are NOT Lawsuit Loans! Although commonly referred to as lawsuit loans, our advances are NOT loans! Unlike a loan, pre-settlement funding grants you advance access to your own money, so you will not have to worry about being indebted to a lender. Also, when your case does finally pay out, we will be repaid directly by your obligor so we won’t have to touch your personal accounts. Giving You the Cash You Need TODAY Will Let You Pursue Your Lawsuit so You Receive the Settlement Amount You Deserve!

Thrivest Link will pay you money now in return for the guarantee of repayment in the future if and when your case is successfully settled or you receive a judgment. If your case is not settled or you do not receive a judgment, you will not owe us a dime. Here’s How to Apply If you think our pre-settlement legal funding solutions could be the right fit for you, please call one of our lawsuit funding specialists at 888-697-7352. Or Apply Now using our quick application form.

Lawsuits Can Take Years to Settle

When plaintiffs go to court, they are banking on justice being served. Since courts cannot undo injuries or restore losses, justice is often served in the form of a cash settlement. But obtaining this award does not come immediately. Lawsuits often take years to finish. In fact, personal injury cases, which are among the top five most common lawsuits in most states typically take two years or longer to reach a settlement. That is a long time to wait for an award that could cover lost wages, unexpected medical expenses, or even daily living expenses.

Stop Waiting for Your Award Tied to Drawn Out Litigation

  • 1. You, the plaintiff, are engaged in litigation and are expecting a favorable outcome, either in the form of a settlement or judgment
  • 2. Thrivest purchases a portion of your expected award based on our valuation of your settlement
  • 3. Thrivest then provides you a lawsuit advance based on this portion of your award
  • 4. If and when your award distributes, Thrivest is directly repaid from your attorney’s escrow account or the underlying obligor
  • 5. Because we only purchased a portion of your award, you are still paid the rest!
  • 6. Because our plaintiff pre-settlement advances are non-recourse transactions, if you lose your lawsuit, you still keep your advance & owe us nothing!

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Thrivest Link wasn’t my first choice, but it was the best choice. I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with a young woman from their office who had by far, the best customer service I have ever seen. I was treated as person and with compassion and not just another file It is because of her I will ALWAYS go back to them for any future business and would HIGHLY recommend every I know or anyone who made need the services Thrivest Link provides.

5 stars times 2. Very professional

Chris W (Plaintiff)

Thrivest Link is among the most professional, expedient, thoughtful, and thorough lenders I have ever interacted with. The process of obtaining the loan was surprisingly simple, quick, and efficient. The Senior Operations Analyst I had the pleasure of working with, Arielle H. Walter, was a first class from start to finish, and politely and modestly turned down my offer to sing her praises to her superiors within Thrivest Link. So instead I am singing them here to the world. Thrivest Link comes with my high recommendation.

Joe S (Attorney)

While my case was still in information-gathering and pre-settlement status, I was injured, hospitalized and out of commission for 6 months, unable to work or provide for my wife. Both of us are seniors and we were anxious about meeting our monthly expenses. Thrivest Link was forthcoming and attentive to our situation; Carol and Ken quickly made it easy to communicate. They cleared the way for us to receive the funding we needed; with respect and care, they took excellent care of us. I recommend Thrivest Link wholeheartedly, and with no reservation!

Lloyd B (Plaintiff)

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