Receive plaintiff financing from your personal injury lawsuit settlement or car injury settlement.

It’s not a legal loan, it’s a settlement cash advance.

Reviewing your options on legal loans, personal injury loans or auto accident loans to aid you throughout your rehabilitation until you receive settlement? It’s important to get informed on the choices available in order to get an affordable rate. In return, you’ll have the freedom to pay your bills, recover fast and move forward in life.

What we offer is not a loan. We provide non-recourse financing based upon the amount of risk associated with the verdict of your case. If you don’t win, we don’t either. You won’t owe us a dollar- it’s that simple.

What is the process to apply for plaintiff financing in California?

In the state of California, the action required to receive pre-settlement funding is easy, stress-free and simplified. Enter a few facts into our Quick Form to start the process. We’ll only need general information regarding yourself and the attorney! Our intake specialist will give you a call to chat about your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim. We’ll let you know if you’ll need to send us any additional files. If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!

Get support on your path to recovery. Apply for pre-settlement funding.