Receive lawsuit funding from your personal injury lawsuit settlement or car injury settlement.

It’s not a personal injury loan, it’s a lawsuit cash advance.

It’s possible that you are looking into personal injury loans, auto accident loans or injury loans to help you pay your day-to-day expenses while you battle through a personal injury case. It’s your highest priority to get knowledge on the options in order to maximize your reward. In return, you’ll have the ability to thrive now.

We are not a personal loan company. We offer a simple, hassle-free financial solution that is referred to as a non-recourse pre-settlement funding. Hopefully the results of your personal injury claim are favorable, but if you lose – repayment isn’t required.

Discover the application process to obtain lawsuit funding in Montana.

The steps you’ll need to go through to get pre-settlement funding in the state of Montana are pain-free and streamlined. To get started, fill out our Short Application. We only need a few details pertaining to your case! One of our team members will touch base to further discuss and will request any records or documentation in relation to your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim for review. If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!

Get support on your path to recovery. Apply for pre-settlement funding.