VP of Risk Management Wants To Focus on The Business End of Litigation

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Thrivest Link’s newest member, Shelly Smith, leverages her strong legal background to ensure that business runs smoothly.

Shelly Smith recently joined Thrivest Link after spending fifteen years of her legal career as in-house counsel for insurance defense firms. In those positions, she became intimately familiar with issues such as product liability, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice.

As Thrivest Link’s Vice President of Risk Management, Shelly spends a good deal of her time underwriting contracts. She drafts agreements thoughtfully to protect the interests of the company while also protecting the client’s needs. She also ensures all deals have the proper documentation, reviews client histories to see where and when it is possible to approve client requests for reductions or additions.

Another significant part of the underwriting process involves taking care of any compliance issues she may come across.

“Not all states have the same laws, especially when it comes to legal funding,” Smith explained; she added that many contracts are sent out of state or involve entities in different states, so language often needs to be adjusted.

The Business Side Of The Law

Shelly joined Thrivest Link because of the exciting opportunity the company offered a risk compliance attorney: as an alternative funding company, there sure is a lot of risk. Excited to work in the business side of litigation, Shelly is determined to reduce loss while resolving cases as quickly as possible.

Because of her previous experience in the legal field, Shelly is already well acquainted with the industries she needs to know to help Thrivest Link and its clients. But she also is well acquainted with many of the attorneys that Thrivest Link works with. A Philadelphia-based firm, Thrivest Link works with many local and near-by attorneys. Shelly lived and worked in the Philadelphia region for years, and even when she was living elsewhere, she always came back to visit.

“It’s great to be back in Center City and to see so many familiar faces,” she said.

When she isn’t keeping Thrivest Link’s ducks in a line, Shelly is keeping herself busy. She travels everywhere. When I asked her where she prefers her adventures, she offered that she’d go “anywhere but home,” as long as there was something enticing. Otherwise, she enjoys reading and cooking; mostly, she prefers to bake sweet treats.