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COVID-19 – Prevent the Spread, Save a Life

COVID-19 is affecting lives on every continent, especially in the United States of America. It is more important than ever to learn the basics of Coronavirus protection so that you can keep you and your family safe and healthy during the pandemic.

By engaging in prevention measures, you could not only save your family, but you could save the lives of those who are most vulnerable to the disease. During this challenging time, Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ is dedicated to promoting COVID-19 safety and prevention from the most reliable sources.

COVID-19 – Who’s at the Highest Risk?

Since COVID-19 is a new disease, there is a lack of information. Researchers are regularly discovering new findings and information on risk factors that make some more susceptible than others.

Currently, older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Wash Your Hands. Disinfect. Wear a Mask. Stay Home. has a wealth of information on preventative measures – it’s important to check the website often. New studies are continuously being conducted on the Coronavirus and it is important to stay up-to-date as new information becomes available.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ Cares About Your Mental Health – COVID-19

The stress of the pandemic, social distancing and you’re existing injuries can put an intensive strain on your mental health. It is more important now than ever to do your best at staying active, following a routine and relying on the supportive resources that the has to offer.

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ Cares About Your Pets – COVID-19

Pets are family, and their safety during the Coronavirus pandemic is important too. has the latest details on keeping your furry loved ones safe.

Talking to Children About COVID-19

Thrivest Link Legal Funding™ understands that having the discussion to educate your children on COVID-19 can feel like a daunting task. Help keep your kids safe, calm and informed with tips from

Reducing Bed-Time Stress During COVID-19: Top Rated Mental Health Apps for Kids

The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic could be affecting your child’s sleep. There are a number of free and low-cost resources available to help relieve your child’s stress and promote positive mental health for your little ones.

Halloween 2020: COVID-19 Safety and Prevention

Due to a number of factors, Halloween activities carry a higher risk for an increased spread of COVID-19, in addition to personal injury. has published its recommendations on how to have a safer and healthier Halloween this year for your family.

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