Secure cash advances on pending lawsuits in relation to your personal injury accident or car accident injury claim.

It’s not a pre-settlement loan, it’s a cash advance on your pending lawsuit.

Browsing companies that provide pre-settlement loans, car accident loans or legal loans to relieve you financially while getting through a personal injury lawsuit? It’s critical to get educated on the solutions available in order to get the best value. In return, you’ll have the freedom to focus on recovery.

We do not offer loan services. We provide non-recourse financing based upon the amount of risk associated with the verdict of your case. If you don’t win, we don’t either. You won’t owe us a dollar- it’s that simple.

What are the requirements to apply for cash advances on pending lawsuits in New York?

It’s not a voyage, it’s a quick car ride. In the state of New York, the road to pre-settlement funding is brief and effortless. Fill out our Quick Application Form– we’ll need a few minor details. Credit and background checks are not required! We’ll contact you to chat about your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim. We may ask you to forward us police records or other related docs. If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!

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