Borrow money from your settlement related to your personal injury claim or car accident injury.

It’s not a settlement loan, it’s a fast lawsuit cash advance.

Evaluating financial service providers that provide settlement loans, pre-settlement loans or car accident loans to carry you through a challenging time due to a personal injury? It’s essential to get insight on the opportunities available to find the best solution. In return, you’ll be thriving now.

We do not extend lines of credit or loans. All of our services are non-recourse, implying that the borrower is not personally liable. You’re unable to collect on your claim? You’ll still win with Thrivest Link™. You’ll keep the funding without any obligation for repayment.

Learn about the application process to borrow money from your settlement in Massachusetts.

Don’t jump through hoops to get pre-settlement funding. Through Thrivest Link™, it’s a short leap to happiness. We’ll need you to fill out our hassle-free Online Plaintiff Application to get started. Upon receiving your request for funding, we’ll connect with you to talk through your car accident injury claim or personal injury claim. We may require documentation. If you qualify, we’ll send you a contract, you’ll return a signed copy and we’ll send you your settlement money!

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