Here at Thrivest Link Legal Funding, LLC, we pride ourselves on customer service, client satisfaction and product knowledge and experience. Our A+ rating on Better Business Bureau speaks for itself. Check out our actual customer testimonials below.

Reviews from Actual Clients

Chris W

Thrivest Link wasn’t my first choice, but it was the best choice. I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with a young woman from their office who had by far, the best customer service I have ever seen. I was treated as person and with compassion and not just another file It is because of her I will ALWAYS go back to them for any future business and would HIGHLY recommend every I know or anyone who made need the services Thrivest Link provides.

5 stars times 2. Very professional

Chris W (Plaintiff)

Joe S

Thrivest Link is among the most professional, expedient, thoughtful, and thorough lenders I have ever interacted with. The process of obtaining the loan was surprisingly simple, quick, and efficient. The Senior Operations Analyst I had the pleasure of working with, Arielle H. Walter, was a first class from start to finish, and politely and modestly turned down my offer to sing her praises to her superiors within Thrivest Link. So instead I am singing them here to the world. Thrivest Link comes with my high recommendation.

Joe S (Attorney)

Lloyd B

While my case was still in information-gathering and pre-settlement status, I was injured, hospitalized and out of commission for 6 months, unable to work or provide for my wife. Both of us are seniors and we were anxious about meeting our monthly expenses. Thrivest Link was forthcoming and attentive to our situation; Carol and Ken quickly made it easy to communicate. They cleared the way for us to receive the funding we needed; with respect and care, they took excellent care of us. I recommend Thrivest Link wholeheartedly, and with no reservation!

Lloyd B (Plaintiff)

Rosemary C

I have been out of work since my accident. My representative from Thrivest Link at was very sympathetic and was able to help me fast and efficient in regards to my financial needs. Thanks to my rep I was able to order my supplies and meet my financial needs to date. Thank you once again!

Rosemary C (Plaintiff)

ViVa D

Thrivest Link was very helpful. They were quick with responding to my request and Carly was great.She was very pleasant and helpful. She answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone. Very good company

ViVa D (Plaintiff)

Jessica M

Thrivest Link has a great team of employees that make the process easy for the clients! They are able to handle requests within just a few hours. Clients are happy with their services and their pricing is fair! Thanks Thrivest Link team.

Jessica M (Plaintiff)

Alyssa W

I would recommend Thrivest Link to anyone in need of a monetary advance while waiting for a case to close. The staff was incredibly professional, friendly and, most importantly in my estimation, zippy! I used their services twice. The first time, I initiated the request with my law firm and a month later my lawyer called me and asked if I was still interested in an advance. Shortly after my affirmation, I was contacted by Thrivest Link, who my very reputable law firm recommended and I received the loan in less than 24 hours. The second time I requested an advance, I e-mailed my contact in Thrivest Link directly and received the loan before the end of that same day. I can only conclude that the reason my first loan took so long was because my lawyer forgot to put me in touch with Thrivest Link at first. The company is efficient, friendly and like I said before- zippy!

Alyssa W (Plaintiff)

Jeff H

As a first time client of Thrivest Link, I am impressed by the professionalism of the staff, and the agility they show in their support to the markets they serve. My experience with them is all positive and I recommend them without hesitation. Thank you Dana and Jason.

Jeff H (Plaintiff)